This is where I hope to write about life and in doing that I hope I can help, touch and inspire others with my words.

I am new to the blog world, but I used to write a weekly music column, so I thought if I could commit to a column, it would be much the same commitment. Actually, no matter what you do, as long as you stay dedicated to making it work, it will work. I wanted to write most of my life. I started sitting down with a pen in hand by the time I was nine. After several years of journaling, pen pal writing to camping buddies I met during Summer vacations, poems, lyrics and short stories, I considered writing for a living. Half into my Bachelor’s Degree, I took an internship that diverted my course of studies. I instead, fell for that rock n roll and somewhere along the way I found myself at the Crossroads, where I sold my soul to the blues.

I started out my published career as an intern with a column that was offered to me by my editor. It was called “Bea Flatte.” I let readers know what was happening on the club scene and live music circuit. I wrote for The Aquarian Weekly, in Montclair NJ. It cover most of the North Jersey and New York music scene and it was published weekly. It hit news stands every Thursday. After my internship ended, I put up quite a fuss and asked my fan base to write my editor and demand that I come back. He called me a few weeks later and offered me a blues column called “Boogie ‘n’ Blues” which ran for four and a half years and covered the regional and national blues scene. I would also add a local feature called “Backyard Boogie n Blues” that kept the spot light on the local stages for The EC Rocker, one of several sister rag mags published by the AW.  I wrote for three of them. The Aquarian Weekly, Twist & SHOUT and The EC Rocker.

Not long into my internship, I covered a show and met a band that I would later marry (of course without a ceremony or formal vow exchange). It almost seemed like a natural progression, being so close to the music on a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before I found what I had long searched for; and I found it at a blues festival in Stanhope NJ. Working for Teddy Young, who at the time was known as The Young Gun would consume an amazing 12 years of memoirs and interesting travels.

Writing about live music and venues that supported it was a fun way to make a living when responsibilities were slight and life was simple and free. This is what I term, the BM time of life…and no, not bowel movement! But, in fact, Before Matthew. When I got pregnant it did not seem fitting to keep hanging around the bars and watering holes of the world, when there were lullabies to sing and stories to be read at home. I slowly gave up piece by piece of my fun life, as my stomach expanded and my realities changed. I went from writing for newspapers to selling advertisements for them. I also went from actively managing a band to writing only press releases and bio content. Nothing about the transformation was easy, but I knew it would certainly be worth my efforts, if I turned my attention and focus towards the blessing that was to be my son Matthew.

I have no regrets of letting go of a life that was outrageously fun and exciting so to raise my son. He never dampened my dreams, he actually offered me another dream, one I never thought I would live.  Life really is pretty amazing. I think it is all about how you process it. You have to make it the best it can be. If you do that and then share it with others… you have a rich life.

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  1. Genuine tear in my eye…we never know how empty our lives are until we give them up to our children! Sure it’s fun to spoil ourselves but eventually, kids choose our nursing homes! Can’t wait to read more reminiscing on the scene you experienced and what you’re doing now!

  2. I am looking forward to reading your posts here … as you know, i enjoy your writing style and topics …this i will enjoy .. ty for making it.

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