Tracey’s Weekend Run Around ~ June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads that do their part and play the important role of parent! This piece is dedicated to my own dad who was the first man to ever turn me on to music. He was an old school country fan, when country music was good and it played in our house each day! I remember for my 8th birthday going to the record store and picking out whatever I wanted. I picked Kenny Roger ‘s  The Gambler, Elvis Presley,  Jailhouse Rock, and Crystal Gayle. Her song “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue” was the big hit back then.

From our country roots my brother found southern rock, where I was particularly always drawn to the Eagles. I have always said, before there were any Rolling Stones in my life the Eagles soared high! And I dig the hell out of and love Joe Walsh. In my mind he is simply legendary. Then before I was even I 10, it happened. I became a Rolling Stones fan. My parents figured it was a phase. They guessed it would pass. They did not understand. They completely captivated me and learning all about them helped get me through grade school to high school and even college. They led me to wanting to write about rock and roll so when the time came I gave myself their name to honor their absolute presence in my life. And now ya know!


This week was another fun and exciting one in the world of building a blog site that supports live music. On Thursday, June 15,  I had dinner with owner of The Brown Pelican, Heather Haiss. We spent most of our time talking about ways to form bonds with all of the area night spots. Haiss is big on “community” and wants to give back to the one she has settled in, “New Bern has a lot to offer.” Once a month she will host a local Non Profit night. This month, Bobby Hurff played on Saturday, June 11 and together they gathered food for our homeless and hungry. Contributions for the night were given to RCS. Nothing beats the feeling of giving back.


We also talked about this blog site and ideas to help it grow.  Soon you will see advertising opportunities. You know I am not even going to hide it; I would love to make this my career again. It would be even more awesome if I could support my life doing it. My dedication to this site is part of the building process. Just like print media, self publishing flourishes on advertising dollars. I explained my mission for the Summer is to grow readership so to have a viable place for bands, venues and events  to advertise. Having said that, might I ask; did you share this with your friends? Readership builds with shares so help me support you by signing up here as a follower and sharing it with your friends on social media!

After dinner we headed out to Christoph’s On The Water over at The Double Tree to check in with John Van Dyke and Friends (Photos below) where we enjoyed the sounds of a full jazz ensemble. Joining Van Dyke  while I was in the house was Russ Hamby was on Sax, Robert Dumon was on Trumpet, Andrew Maune on guitar, Tim Riepe on drums, Tony Ray on keys, Chris Morden on bass and guest singers included Ann Sorocki and  John’s friend Alisa.


This gig is ever changing from week to week but one thing is for sure Van Dyke has a lot of talented friends that like to come out an play! If you have not made it out to the Double Tree for this Thursday night feature, you are missing a treasure trove of talent.


On Friday night I took a drive downtown and strolled around the streets while a good majority of my friends hung out at the Farmer’s Market on Front Street for The Band of Oz and BlackWater Rhythm & Blues Band. Reports are that a fun time was had by all. The Band of Oz was not a disappointment with their great grooves and horn section and BlackWater was full on with sound and fine rhythms.



I stopped at The Brown Pelican, down on Broad Street to check in with The Cochise Cowboys, Vinny Farro and Scott Carlisle. (Photos below) These guys are working on putting together a full band with a couple more players from our area. I think it will sound great having a rhythm section behind these boys who swap great chops as a duo.



My next stop was on Middle Street to catch a few tunes courtesy of Buck Loy who was live at The Thirsty Bruin. (Photos above) He had the folks grooving to Tom Petty when I got there!



After meeting up with friends and strolling the downtown, we headed over to Mickey Milligans on Trent Road. (Photos above) They were hosting a benefit for the victims who lost their beloved pets in the fire at Lynaire Kennels last month. Many local and regional players came together  for a fun evening to highlight their talents while raising money for a good cause.


On the bill was Asha Goodwin, who opened the night followed by  Gabrielle Christie, (Photo above) two of New Bern’s own talented female stringers often available to help a good cause. Goodwin is found around town at many of the open mic events and Christie is very busy musically when she is not soloing, organizing town events from her home base at Surf Wind & Fire, or hosting the open mic ever other Friday at Sweet Pea’s Cafe  she can be found playing a variety of instruments with her band Merchant’s Road!

Serial Experiments Lane, (Photos Below) a New Bern based solo act that incorporates techno ringtones overtures to his guitar bits. I have to say I never experienced anything quite like it state side. I decided it was somewhat like a set of pre-downloaded alarm  tones you find on your AT&T or Verizon phone.


Atlantic Avenue (Photos below) rounded out the New Bern based talents that performed. They offered a fun set of funky and rock based dance songs that got the crowd primed for the headliners for the night.


Headlining this event from Raleigh was Thick Modine, a high energy phsych rock trio that gave up a good show!


On Saturday, June, 18 we packed up the music mobile and headed to Beaufort where we enjoyed an evening full of fun music and good grooves. We started out The Kitchen at Beaufort Olive Oil Company  who hosted a block party featuring Monjah; a fun young band out of Craven County. They have great island rhythms . This high energy reggae four piece had a funky back beat and refreshing originals. They are definitely worth checking in with. You can find the band on Facebook and I will be sure to share the dates I hear about too. Monjah Facebook Page




Next up, we walked along the water and stopped to enjoy the sounds of Davy Williamson (Photos above) who was keeping the crowd happy at Queen Anne’s Revenge.


Next up,  we hung out at The Dockhouse Restaurant to enjoy the rocking sounds of Todd on drums and & Jared  on guitar and offering vocals for all the rock and country grooves that kept people gathered round and grooving. (Photos above and video link below) I especially enjoyed this little ditty:

Todd & Jared giving some Sympathy at The Dockhouse 6/18/16


Next up we stopped at the Backstreet Pub where we found the fat grooves of The Spread out of Morehead City, laying it down for the packed house. When we first got there there was a lot of music and no vocals…then this little lady walked up and took over the stage and BANG we had dancers filling the room and fun filled the air. Listen to Kathryn as she delivers a great version of the Prince classic Kiss:

The Spread getting down with Kiss by Prince


All in all it was another great weekend of friends, and good music therapy. For those looking to take in some music tonight, tomorrow or Tuesday you can catch John Van Dyke and his many friends for some jazz tonight at The Double Tree. He will be out on the deck from 5-9 tonight.



On the deck at Persimmons tomorrow night you can catch one of my favorite fun duos, Steel Shot. They will be live and rocking on the deck for dinner from 5:30 -9 pm. Sounds like a great way to end the most unfun day of the week; with a dose fun Steel Shot style. This Pamlico County based group features Shawn Mitchell on guitar and vocals with Jeremy Lowery offing bongos and vocals also. (Photos below) Their set list includes everything fun from the 50’s through current day. Be sure to check them out soon. On Tuesdays they are live at The Buccaneer Music Hall in Greenville, NC.


Also happening around this area you can join Big Jim Kohler each week as he hosts the Open Mic event at Triple Play Restaurant in James City from 8-12 each week! (Photo below)


Well kids that is the recap on my weekend dance…I sure hope you enjoyed yours because life is too short not to dance. Thanks to the music makers for giving up the good grooves and keeping my feet dancing and my heart smiling. I appreciate all you players. If you want to get in the Zone, send me your dates and I will gladly refer people to your events. My email address is

Have a great week and come back Wednesday for the low down on music around the region in the week ahead!


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