The Dreams of a Dreamer

Dream Big and Make it Your Mission

Dream Big and Give Them Your Heart!

If I had my way, no one would suffer, more music would play and even the grown children would dance! I believe in my talents and I work hard in my voluntary efforts to build a stronger music community! I have reached the point of no turning back because I believe that we can do this…but I can’t do it without your help! Since 2015, I have been working one business so to build another. I set out with the idea of taking my time as I showed people my talents. From March 2015 until September 2018, I could afford to offer this service which was supported by my day job.

As a writer and a promoter, I feel there is an important role to fill on the music scene. I use my talents as a videographer to stream live on Facebook and my skills as a still photographer, so to collect pictures that support the words I write and publish on this site. The goal is to set out each night that  I can and find live music locally. Then, when people say there is nothing to do around here, I shake my head, and hand them a card! After I do that, I find a new follower and friend on the music bus. How magnificent! Since 2016,  we have been publishing a minimum of two stories each week. I do have a man behind the scenes helping me. Meet my editor, Breeze!

My best friend and favorite human, meet our editor; BREEZE!

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The Facts of the Matter

I am always grateful to those that take the time to read about my musical journeys. Thank you for being here. Throughout this adventure, I have done my best for musicians and music venues alike and I have done it freely, without asking for much from anyone. I am an observer and a storyteller, whose favorite subject is music and favorite characters are musicians.

As the story goes, and most people already know it, I am a house cleaning contractor. This is how I have made my living for the past 13 years. Tracey’s Clean Sweep is my third established cleaning business, over the course of my cleaning career. The reason for that is because I am a rambling soul who always follows her heart. I sold my first business in 2009 before moving to Canada. In 2010 I started my second business in Louisiana and would relocate and register my business of the same name here in NC,  in 2013. I am currently working with zero employees since Florence, which also left me with zero desire to train anyone. Fact is, I was moving on before the flood.

To this day and for 13 years, I have been involved with every job. I love that my hard work is helpful to the people I serve. It’s an honest living and rewards of the instant gratification are endless. I walk into homes that are messy and when I leave they shine! That never grows old. But I do and am, daily! And the fact is, it hurts me now as I near 50 years old, so I know I won’t be able to sustain doing this work like I do, up and through the age of retirement. I just won’t! What you are witnessing here is nothing short of the backup plan.

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Build Your Biggest Dream

As a rule, house cleaners are disposable since disposable income pays for their services in many cases. When I hit a lull and my son was 17 and talking college, a few years ago, I was faced with a choice. I could use my free time to get a remedial paying job to help one company with my skills or use my free time to create another business and help a music community grow stronger.  Being innovative in my mind, always, I invested time in the latter and developed this site and a promotions business to support it. Tracey Stones Productions is that business which publishes this blog. You can visit my website at 

I would love to see this blog site offer daily stories from many writers, in many regions, around the state. Currently, I am only one person writing and I am working hard at two businesses, doing it with old equipment and exhausting myself along the way! I want for this to be my only work each day for the rest of my life! The only thing I lack is the revenue needed for expansion.

Erect the Stage

After dedicating two full years to the mission of promoting local music, I was exploring options of exiting the cleaning business. I was considering the sale of my house cleaning contracts to several buyers. The idea was to invest the sale of that business so to jump start this business. And then Florence came along and wiped out so much of my workload there was hardly enough work left after the water receded to keep me afloat. Today there is nothing to sell today and I really don’t care to dwell on that, because so many others around me are hurting in a far worse way.

Over the years, because of my passion for music, my following on social media has grown considerably. I can’t even keep up, to be honest! And yes, I will ask you your name ten times, please don’t be offended. No matter how many get in the zone, I want even more people on board the music bus! This build is going to take a village and I know so many music-loving supporters that I know the build is possible.

After the storm, I just wanted to help my community however I could. I delivered meals, I distributed emergency relief buckets, I went looking for items that people needed.  And I went live to ask for help.

Those people, those beautiful followers of mine answered the call and sent whatever I requested! First, it was masks and gloves, then cleaning supplies and personal hygiene supplies and now it is household goods; linens, plates, lamps, furniture, curtains, etc.

Follow Your Heart

The work you see here, on this site, it’s my passion. It’s my heartbeat. And I feel it is important to work for the community I serve. This is not a new path for me. This is where my life was on course to go, once upon a time,  until I decided to raise my beautiful son alone. I took myself out of the game! I just could not be out in the bars until 1 or 2 in the morning, which was more the norm back then;  and be a good day mom too. I stopped writing after his birth in 1998, and I stopped promoting music entirely, for a full decade, in 2005. That is when I left the music scene in NJ/PA to rebuild a life with the help of my village, my family, in NC.

I took all of the skills I learned in promoting musicians and applied it to building my cleaning business. Within months of that practice,  I learned that I could make more money promoting my electric vacuum than I ever did when promoting an electric guitar. This came in handy when I looked down to see my 6-year-old looking up to me. I volunteered at his school once a week, and I built a cleaning business around putting him on and getting him off the bus. I have no regrets about putting my life on hold to watch and help him grow.

To this day, I work from 8 am until 2 pm in my cleaning business. I have cleaned homes, businesses, new construction, churches, and the highlight of it all came when I was picked to be the cleaning contractor for the film crew that filmed the A&E Series, Duck Dynasty. I did that for the first three seasons, until returning to New Bern in late 2012.


Whatever You Do, Stay Interesting

That was the Louisiana chapter and it was there that I cleaned for one of the coolest people I ever met. Sidney Wilhite’s home was over 18,000 square feet and I loved cleaning every square inch of it.  It was like a museum and people did take tours of it on the regular. It took two days a week to clean it all and every week I learned something new!

Mr. Sidney is the only person I ever met with a cannon on his front porch and a lion that needed dusting.

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As exciting as it might be to hear about all the toilets I have scrubbed, I truly get a thrill out of telling people about music. Music is healing and promoting it is something I was doing before I graduated high school.

The highlights of my published writing career are mentioned on my bio page and my greatest dream remains to heal the world with music. Bringing people together for the celebration of music is my only mission in this next career. I feel it is a worthy mission because we are one hurting society, with many different pains holding us back from being our true self!  There are plenty of needs and causes out there and many hearts can mend with help of music.

Ask For Help


I mention all of this because I now need the help of my community to bring this to the next level. And I promise if you help me get it there, not only will the tip jars and donations links disappear, but I will be paying it forward for the rest of my days. Not just by paying it back to you in my services, but your friends and neighbors and their friends too!

I feel like my efforts have already paid it forward for the venues and the bands that I cover. Lately, though, my field of dreams keeps growing but my reality keeps closing in on me. It’s just a rough spot I guess. I am currently driving a 2002 GMC Yukon with nearly 400,000 miles on it. Last week a musician who seeks my attention asked me in an off-handed way when was I going to make it out to see his band near Winston Salem. I understand he has been inviting me out for 10 months and, as much as I would love to say tomorrow, I have to rather admit that I am stuck in town because I can’t get out of here.

My car repairs are far more than I can afford right now and I’m pretty sure that they are not worth it either. Some days we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope for the best. I  know I did my best in freely putting 200,000 miles on my truck chasing music and telling people about it!  Now she is tired and I am even more exhausted trying to keep her.

Keep Dreaming and Dream Big!

My biggest hopes today are finding a local car dealership to consider NCMZ.LIVE as a great advertising outlet, and willing to support my efforts with a better running vehicle. Something that is cheaper than $65 per tank and offers more than 14 miles a gallon, would mean improvement! History notes, that I will drive said product all over the state and talk about them on my journey as I thank them each step of the way!

It is my next biggest hope that the readers and those that have benefited from my efforts would consider helping in the expansion. We can grow this to be an app for finding local live music but that takes revenue to make it happen. I will gladly advertise your business, we can build special sections to help build that revenue.

For those who don’t have a business to advertise, there is another way to contribute. Consider a donation. Filling the tip jar will help me grow this site. Every little bit helps!  I know that once I have what is needed to get this off the ground, we are going to rock the world!

The road ahead is rather exciting and I am thrilled that you are a part of the journey. As far as I can see, there is a lot of work to be done and more hands always make for lighter work. Thanks for being here and hanging out. You make the journey more fun and I thank you!