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Hi there and thanks so much for stopping by my site.  I am the writer and creator of this blog site! My mission in life is simple. I just want to connect people to live music. That is the reason I write, publish and promote this blog. I wish for it to serve as a gentle reminder, that there is live music all around that is in need of our support. And it is a fun yet worthy cause for all of us to support the arts in our communities.

This is my contribution to the state where I reside. The North Carolina Music Zone is dedicated to supporting live, local music around the state. Your donations and contributions are helping me to reestablish Tracey Stones Productions, as a major media source for live music news in NC, with the core focus currently covering the Down east region. But there are glimpses of other regions offered as fun examples that we live among talent everywhere!

Currently, it publishes twice weekly, written by one person and edited by one other. As we grow, we can build a team of contributing writers from all regions known around NC.

Though it is only published twice weekly now, advertisers can make it a fun site to look at daily!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support in keeping this blog alive!

Along the way, there has been one Title Sponsor named in large type. This kind soul donated the funds needed to keep the site alive for another full year. My heart is abundantly grateful for every contribution that comes in support of my efforts. I have invested a lot of time and gas in these 300 plus posts that promote live acts playing around our state.

Kimberly Kornegay

Deborah  Knight

Rebecca Kiser

Nick Nichols

Alisa Mike

Christine Bullen

Omega Phi Fraternity

Phillip Canelos

Brenda Potter

April Fitchett

Daniel Sydow

Joel Sugarman

Joanne Friedman

Hank Barbee

Raymond Dunn

Pat Chylko

Kathleen Forrest

Dr. Michael Mahoney

Janet Newman

Derrick Moore

Mary Shine

Stacey Leigh Stilley

Jared Cain

Fred Watkins

George Oliver

Ashton Ward

Richard Krauss

Casey T. Cotton

Ryan Rubich

Dawn Freeman

Ray Gottsleben

Donna Baes

John Williams

Josh Overby

Tricia Overby

Mary Chason

Richard Dimetre

Curt Beach

Ed Helmstetter

Big Jim & Mrs. Big Jim

J K Loftin

Jason Patterson

Stephen Poole

Cecil Gillikin

Jeffery Haight

Melinda “Mindy” Moore

Jonathan Riggs

James Stroud

Glenn A. Druhot

Ed Ruiz

Lynette Bright

Glenn & Gina Bisignani

Andy & Vicki Jackson

Fred Ross

Chris R Miller

Krista Lutz

Ken Byrd

NC Life Media

David Payne

John Shearer

Jason Addams

John Williams

Tracey Allen

Kotoe Oliver

David Spence

Mark Oliver

Alfred & Susan Baugham

Caroline Dare


I am hoping that you will consider joining the growing list of supporters who are helping to keep this site going and build a dream which remains focused on promoting live music that is happening in North Carolina.

Your donations will help to benefit a community of musicians and music venues who are dedicated to keeping live music alive! I hope we can attract the attention it takes to bring this site to the next level!

What starts as a blog in my mind becomes an app available across the land. It is not a small task. It is a major build! To do that we need sponsors and investors that will support the mission. Once the foundation is set, the next step is to find the investor that will help make it more interactive.

The build for this mission is major. It will not remain a simple blog site and it will require a great amount of funding and community commitment as well!

There are many ways you can show your support. Reading is where it all begins. These posts are here for your eyes. It is always the greatest hope of any writer to entertain readers. So first and foremost thank you for reading.

If you like the content and have friends that are music supporters, I hope you will share this page with your family and friends alike. Telling people about my mission helps it grow.

If you see the vision behind this blog and wish to support my efforts, please visit the donations page and see if there is a way you’d like to be a part of the growing list of supporters.

To all that have given, thank you for supporting me in my efforts to supporting local live music. You rock, so I roll! With your help more people will be heard by more people ~ which is exactly what building a community is all about!

~Peace, love and music ~

Tracey Stones