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Thank you for stopping by! This is where you can learn how to support live music promotions. I am NOT a non-profit operation. I am trying to build a for-profit business that will benefit the local music community.

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You hear me say it all the time, “Free music is never free.”  Here is more news, this free music blog is not free either. It costs money to host the site, to fill the truck with gas. And it takes quite a bit of time to follow and cover the music and then write these entries each week.

It’s actually my dream to deliver it daily. The only thing stopping me is the funding necessary to support that dream. Writing about and supporting the local and live music scene has many benefits for bands, venues, and communities. This has been noted in my work with this blog. That is its greatest intent, to build stronger music communities within communities supporting live music.

It is my goal to take music promotions to a new level and I have done that most notably in my town of New Bern, NC.  Social media works, but believe it or not it is a hit or miss market like most media markets. When you piggyback your social media field with site building content it keeps your social media presence more interesting. This is why I stay dedicated to logging into this site.

 In 2015, I published my first music blog here and I have been chasing music for this site all around North Carolina ever since my background is strong in music journalism and band management. Now advancing to the next level and ready to generate revenue by way of ads for this site, seeking community sponsors, acquiring endorsers who will collectively help me in building this site. This will help fuel the work being done in building a stronger music community.


Support The Promoter ~ Back the Blogger


The girl behind the banner has big dreams and major ambitions of healing the world with music. If you wish to help me on this journey of connecting people to music please consider one of the following options! There are so many ways for people to be a part of this build.

Affordable Partnerships For All

This site and my work make a great advertising vehicle for any business large or small.

Corporate Unions

Let’s work together. If your corporate dollars help to build these well-contemplated plans, that will support the dreams of many local music makers, let’s talk about community commitment. Invested in this build, I can’t imagine what life looks like without working on this business plan, which is going to need a lot of money to make it fire on all cylinders. Corporate Sponsorship packages start at $5,000.

Community Co-Hosts

Are you the leader in your niche? Consider partnering with me by being a stage sponsor! Proudly display your banner across the stages we set up to let locals know that you are supporting local, live music. Sponsorship dollars help to build fair pay stages for acts to offer their music. In exchange, your company will be recognized as the co-host of keeping these music dreams alive! Stage sponsorships start at $1,000. 

Post Hosts Are Welcome Here

If you are a small business and want to back the mission, consider being a POST HOST! As a post host, we will feature your business in an article that will highlight your love of live music.  A post host will also be given one month of advertising in the sidebar of the blog, seen on all pages. The price to be a Post Host is $250 for one Post or $400 to be The Weekend Warrior POST HOST with three months advertising in the sidebar included! Those are just two options to consider.


Are you a band or a small business with an ability to contribute $50.00 each month, consider advertising here! We can link your website to this blog site so that new readers find you each week. This site grows every week as does the broad spectrum of coverage.
Fact is this is going to be something that takes flight with the help of the community! In fact, it can’t happen without you because it is all happening for you!



If you are a reader, who likes to support live music and enjoy the content of this blog and you have a few dollars to spare, you can always tip the grateful blogger.

This site is a free service to support live music. Dedicated to the promotions of live music, we publish several times each week as a gentle reminder for people to get out and support live music. Support the mission of promoting live music. Your donations will help fuel the growth of this informative live music blog.  Thank you for your support!

~Tracey Stones, Writer~

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