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Here are some sites to see. Tracey Stones Productions, LLC publishes and is also available to write pages and content for your already published website, provide press releases for important events, or create sites for bands and venues.

Please take moment to visit these sites that keep me writing and promoting live music.

Adam Hill Music is a site to see

I met Adam Hill in July 2016 and have been working alongside him since. The first thing I did after hearing his original music was to create a site to keep him in the spotlight any time he is off stage. The next thing was to create a YouTube Channel and created an Adam Hill Playlist for that channel.

Big Jim Kohler Blues Band

is another site to see

I met Big Jim Kohler in Swansboro, NC in March 2013. This introduction would single-handedly walk me back into music promotions. When I left town, in 2008, Salty Dawg and Mickey Milligan’s were the only bars that were supporting live music regularly. When I returned we had Bambooz and the blues and life in New Bern was already better. Kohler walked me back to my writing roots.

Big Jim and Mrs. Big Jim are some of my best friends and it’s been a pleasure to be working and representing them. To bring us to your room visit my site:

Tracey Stones Productions, LLC makes the sites to see

My goal and mission in life are connecting people to music. I am not a critic, I am a promoter. I promote supporting live music. Tracey Stones Productions publishes this blog twice weekly as a gentle reminder that there is live music everywhere in need of your support. I am available to help your band set up an effective off stage presence for more public and positive promotions!


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I am a writer and a dreamer; a mover and a shaker. I am self motivated to work and write my way through life. I am a mother and a business owner. I have been a music journalist and a band manager as well over the years. No matter what I do, life stays interesting and writing about it keeps me sane. My favorite subject is music! Support live music is the theme! Appreciation for the artists will be in focus! This is the North Carolina Music Zone! Welcome and thank you for supporting live music! Please share this site with your friends so we can all enjoy the dance. Thank you.

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