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There are many of shows that I have seen but have not told you all about, so in an effort to catch you up on all of the great music that surrounds us, I will review a good portion of those shows now.

A Showcase of Talent Courtesy of GEM Productions


There was an incredible night of talent displayed on stage at Circa 1810 Bar at the Harvey Mansion last Friday evening. The double bill of NC acts actually showcased three talents and offered music fans some sounds from across the pond, courtesy of Matt Phillips’ good friend and music brother James Walker, who was as visiting Phillips with his guitar in tow. Given that timing, Walker ushered in the night with a few of his own songs before turning over the stage to the incredible Matt Phillips. The young jazz inspired,  rock-infused, blues player is truly an inspiring singer-songwriter and fun noodler to behold. I have enjoyed more than a couple of his shows and always walk away thrilled by his compositions and music offering.

I was first introduced to the lad from Chapel Hill back in 2015, during a singer-songwriter showcase for Bernaroo Music and Arts Festival presented each year by GEM Production. That show was at The Brown Pelican and still burns in my brain.


Tonight Matt Phillips and his talented friend James Walker will be cutting it up at The FlyTrap Brewing, located at 319 Walnut Street, Wilmington, NC, for a Cinco De Mayo. Music offering you won’t soon forget. Music plays 8 pm il 12 am.

From there the young stringer will head north for a Northeastern tour. My friends from NJ and PA are encouraged to support this act coming through the area in the weeks ahead. To check out his schedule, like his Facebook page by following this link:


Closing out the night on the patio last Friday was the two-piece Carrboro band known as The Oblations. Here again, this is another band introduced to our town by GEM Productions, when they brought them for a show at The Brown Pelican several months ago. The sounds of this duo mimic that of a four or five piece ensemble but in reality, there are only two players offering the musical blends.

I happen to love their story and description as found on their Facebook page! This Carrboro based duo is one fat sounding two-man band. Their music is thought-provoking and built on blues traditions. Here is the bio I found:

The Oblations are a one of a kind two-man Blues/Funk band by Joe MacPhail (drums and keys simultaneously, vocals) and Daniel Fields (guitar, vocals). The resulting sound is that of a three or four piece, as Joe imitates a rhythm section, or plays a piano and bass part while keeping time with his feet. Daniel is multifaceted, with a mastery of both finger style and slide guitar, and a host of evolving tones. There are many genres and musical ideologies at play, but the foundation of The Oblations comes from Blues music, the first truly American musical form, and its various forms through history. Daniel and Joe tell their own stories from the thread of American music, and just like in life, the same story is never told the same way twice. They cut the difference between songcraft and improvisation, with covers from Howlin’ Wolf to Outkast. You will dance and have a fun time, and the deeper you listen the more you will be rewarded.

Now that you know their story go like their Facebook page and take in a show soon.

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IMG_2809 (3)

Just a reminder, those good folks at GEM Productions are working hard on this year’s 6th Annual Bernaroo Music and Arts Festival. The event will be coming to town in late July, with the main stages set up at the Farmers Market on Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Along with the featured stages, there will be sideshow and after parties in venues around town. Some of the participants include The Brown Pelican, The Thirsty Bruin and finally an aftershow in James City at Beer Sponsor and distributor, BrÛtopia. Excitement for the weekend-long event is growing and many surprises are in store for those that come out for the fun festival this Summer.

The music schedule for the event has been set and they are still welcoming the help of community with Sponsorship opportunities and vendor slots still open for various businesses until the end of the month. GEM Productions will be hosting a stage this year at Beaufort Music Festival later this month. Just before that event, the full music line up will be released for full promotions to begin.

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Open House at Harley Davidson of New Bern Provides a Stage for Core Sound

Harley Davidson of New Bern celebrated 41 years in business and hosted their annual open house last Saturday, for area bikers and community members. Offering the music for the day-long sales event that celebrates Spring and the new riding season, offered customer appreciation sales and free lunch.

On stage and offering the music was Cecil Gilken’s new band, Core Sound. The trio of classic rockers offered the crowd all the fun songs familiar to all who came. Following their show at the Harley shop, the band headed to town to offer another fun show to the crowd that gathered at The Brown Pelican.

To check out Core Sound visit the band on Facebook and like their page:

For those looking for a good dose of classic rock infused blues offerings, you can find the band live tonight at The Royal James Cafe, located at 117 Turner St., Beaufort, NC. Music is free and offered from 9 pm until the midnight hour. Come out with your dancing shoes on and don’t forget to bring a tip for the band!!!

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Birthdays are Blissful and A Blessing When You Have Jamming Friends


I attended the birthday party of fellow live music supporter and sweet friend, April Sunshine. Hosting her 55th Annual Life event, she opened her backyard to dear friends for fun and memory making moments. The backyard shindig was complete with music courtesy of Dan Jam Phillips, who played a couple of songs solo before welcoming the Kohlers to the stage. Following their jams, Chris Buttita grabbed his bass and Vincent Farro grabbed a guitar and changed pace from blues to a more southern rock flavor. It was a fun day of hanging out with creative and fun friends enjoyed good, food, fire, music, laughter and fellowship.

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Bern It Down Debuts at Community Concert

Attention venues, there is a new band in town ready to bring the next fun show you offer. Meet Bern It Down.

My talented friend, Tracey Brenneman has been working on building a new band for quite some time. This build is no small task when you have to juggle family commitments, day jobs, personalities, as well as finding those that musically gel with you. For about a year we have been talking about this build. Back then it was just an idea. By November the rhythm section was building with the addition of a drummer Steve Botterbusch. By the turn of the year, the line up was mostly secure and band rehearsals started. After a few member changes and more practice, the band finally came together with the addition of Al Carroll on bass and lead guitarist Jake Johnson about two months back. Along with the core groove, Brenneman offers lead vocals, harmonies, guitar works, mandolin and plays the keyboards as well.

The New Bern based band lays all of the classic rock and country songs that people love and it wasn’t long before most of the room was up on their feet, dancing to their beats.


Last week they unveiled their fun party music at a private gig organized by members of the Fairfield Harbour Community. The four-piece band offered a full three hours of music to those that came out to dance the night away. It was a successful debut, not just for this fun and talented band, but also the community that is looking for ways to bring more music to their residents.

To keep up with this new band or to get them on your books today, check out their Facebook page. You can find lots of information by clicking here:

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Castellano Closes Out Music on the Patio at Circa 1810 Bar Last Sunday


The weekend ended on a bright note, with wonderful weather and the incredible Justin Castellano offering the music from 5-8 pm last Sunday evening on the patio at Circa 1810 Bar. The skilled guitarist offers familiar songs in a unique way. He stands alone when it comes to the caliber of playing and skill he exudes when practicing his craft. I am honored to be under his wing and have this man in my life as a mentor. He is definitely one of my musical brothers and I love him to pieces. He is a creative force that needs to be experienced live. Before the night ended Castellano was accompanied by local crooner and music brother Ed Prophet who offered the audience a few selections which wowed them. The duo once worked together regularly under the name Backseat Romeo. 

Currently however, they each keep a very busy solo schedule. Castellano is playing shows in as many as five states throughout the year. Prophet is found mostly between New Bern and the Coast but travels when the opportunity calls.

You can find them both on Facebook. When looking for Prophet search this link

For fans of Castellano, you can look for him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I also encourage you to check out his website today:


Tonight you can find the skilled stringer shredding tunes at Nick’s Black Sheep Tavern. Located at 1140 Old Maplehurst Rd., Jacksonville, NC. Music is free and plays from 9 pm until the midnight hour. Feel free to come groove with venue owners Nick and Valerie Nichols tonight, as they serve up the Cinco De Mayo specials that will have you buzzing and music that will have you celebrating.

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Cinco De Mayo Music Options

Bopping About Town New Bern, NC

Sutter’s Acoustic Saturday Offering


Our local Rotary Club is hosting an event today at The Riverfront Convention Center, featuring the acoustic sound of Sutter’s Gold Streak Band. The event is happening this afternoon from 3-7 pm. The Riverfront Convention Center is located at 203 S Front St., New Bern, NC.


Ravenz Bru Offer Music at Circa 1810



For fans of pop, beach music and rock tunes, come out to Circa 1810 Bar at The Harvey Mansion, 221 S Front St., New Bern. NC. Ravenz Bru provides the music from 8-11 pm on the patio, free of charge on most occasions.


Bluegrass at the Dirty Bird



For fans of bluegrass and banjo, there will be plenty to behold tonight from 8-11 pm at The Brown Pelican, 411 Broad, Street, New Bern, NC. Music is offered by Carolina Sky to the public for free, as long as they are a member. Stop in and join us today. We are a great club of folks that gather to support live music each weekend. Membership is $1.00 and the music memories made here are priceless.



Revenge of the Fifth at City Laundry


Parker Millar has worked hard to bring an awesome weekend of music to The City Laundry. This venue recently closed under the previous owners, but there is much in the works to revive the venue, to keep the music flowing from the stage. In time with that dream and cool trend, Millar offered six bands over the course of two nights this weekend. Tonight is the final performances being offered by Up & Up and closing out the night will be funk and groove masters, Dr. Bacon. Tickets are $15 and available at the door. This is better than any cd you will buy this year. Invest and pay the cover charge, because tonight’s show will be worth it! City Laundry is located at 901 Pollock St., New Bern, NC



There is a Cino De Mayo party going down at Beer Army tonight located at 313 Pollock St., New Bern, NC.  Offering the music will be Blake Samperi! Free music is offered from 10 pm till 1 am. There will be good food and $6,00 Margaritas to wash down all of the fun!


They Will Be Burning it Up at The Elks Lodge tonight


Open to the Public!!! Join us as we rock the Lodge tonight. Put your dancing shoes on, grab a tambourine, bring a dish/snacks and come on out to help us raise the roof at the Elks Lodge, 1175 Pinetree Dr, New Bern, NC. Tonight, May 5th. It’s guaranteed to be a large time with Third Degree Bern. This new band will be rocking the tunes from 7:30 pm. The fun lasts for two hours. There is a cash bar and a cover charge of $6.00 payable at the door.


Joe Baes Project Brings it to BrÛtopia Tonight


The Joe Baes Project return to Brutopia, 1201 Highway 70 East, New Bern. This fun 90’s rock band is based here in New Bern and always have a good time with their friends and family. Come show your support from 7-10 pm and enjoy the tastes of NEST Cafe who will be on site serving up the delicious food options.


Classic Rock Comes Calling at Triple Play This Evening


The last show I found around town is that of the Wannabees, who will be rocking Triple Play Sports Bar and Restaurant, located at 111 Williams St., New Bern, NC. They give up the grooves from 9:30 pm until they close the joint. Come out and dance to your favorite classic rock sounds tonight!

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Answering the Call

Checking things out around the rest of the region, I ask my Facebook followers where we can go to hear them play. This is what they said this week

April 30 at 9:42pm

Thanks so much for and rocking around the state with me.

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Facebook Events Link

Here are all the great music options I found for you on Facebook this week. Check out all of the events here and express interest in the ones you like.

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 Thanks for Reading!

That is all the news and music that I found for you tonight. Always call the club in advance to confirm what you read here is true. Many times events change without anyone updating the Facebook event created for the said gig.

I hope you get out and enjoy the sounds of live music sometime soon. I am dedicated to making sure you know where to go to find it. If you like this blog please sign up and get an email each time we publish.

I appreciate my readers, the musicians and the venues who all do a part in keeping live music alive! Give us a like and tell your friends by sharing this page on your social media pages. To the many bands and clubs, thanks for keeping me informed!


IMG_7092.JPGTake kindness with you today, tip those that serve you and the music makers that rock you and hug and share the love. Don’t forget that life is short and could end in a moment, so make sure you take time to enjoy the dance. Please party safely people! We love having you here with us! You rock, so don’t roll the car! Rely on sober friends, call a cab or sign up to Uber around!

Send all of your events invites to me on Facebook, so I know where you are playing in the days ahead. I can be found on Facebook by following this link:

I also read emails daily. You can send those to:

Please include the day, the date, the time of the event, the time of your scheduled performance, what time doors open and the price of tickets. Pictures are also helpful. I share links to band websites, so send those along as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill me in on the details, together we will reach the people!

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