Never Lose Hope and Always Dream Big

Personal Happiness Is Something Only You Can Create

True story: I have been seeking HAPPINESS, with utter dedication to the cause for 6 years. Fact is, I get closer with each year. My message to everyone in this is, please don’t give up.

I nearly died in 2012, so at the start of 2013, I stood before an altar, still sick, surrounded by friends, (Jan Stelma, Tim Stelma, and Troy Pennington to name a few.) For one month we had to focus on what we wanted, Pastor Danny led us on the journey.

At the end of the month of focus and prayer, I put the word HAPPY in the bucket before the altar. By the end of that year, my life was in tatters but a major rebuild was underway and I never lost sight of the hope. I still love and thank Robert Walker for that every day! God showed me He knows my heart, and He proved it the day he sent Robert.

By the end of 2014, I was back to finding myself and made sure music played its important role. This would be easy with Big Jim Kolher and Kathleen Kohler calling New Bern home since 2011. This was essential as it was like finding the key to the highway. Jim and Kathy put me right back in my groove, in 2013 which helped heal me. This is why they will remain a key component in my journey!

By the end of 2015, I was excited and afraid. I was a little lonely and scared too. I wasn’t divorced from the insane part of my life yet, but that would come on Cino De Mayo on that year and it has been a freedom fest ever since.

By the end of 2016, I knew I was going to turn my attention and focus back to writing with a greater commitment to offering regularly. For me it was simple, I loved covering music and have continued to enjoy the moments I spend with our talented players.

By the close of 2017, I found that I was more committed to the music scene then I was my day job and poured as much gas money and time into the design of my success. I would come to question these decisions heavily the very next year after a storm flooded the town.

Nonetheless, we are here at the close of 2018 and as I think back on it, it was the best yet. I quickly recall the honor of my hobby being recognized as one of the 52 Faces of the Community. I remain grateful for the nomination. Though it was a rough year, that was in the end shaped shifted by a named storm, it has solidified one thing for me. I am a writer, I am a marketing professional and I am a live music promoter like few I know.

Today I can confess that I am flat broke and busted. In fact, I owe some of my customers a clean house tomorrow. But that won’t happen until I regain my strength and get over my cough. This could be weeks. And then once those debts are settled the mop is going to the dump. (I’ll keep the broom 😏)

As I am healing, I am also regrouping my entire life to get ready to leave the cleaning world and enter into media business full time, like there is no time for wasting! I have accepted the position of marketing director for NC Life Media, publisher of and Ledger Magazine.

In my quest for happiness, I have been through quite a few battles and learned many lessons along the way. I have let go of the all mighty dollar and invested my time and attention in a big dream.

I appreciate the support of this community in my quest to provide the best in music coverage. I think it’s an honor to be teaming up with Wendy Card, who has been keeping all of our visitors and citizens in the know about everything New Bern for nearly a decade.

Thank you for being here throughout the journey! I look forward to jumping into New Year! My wishes for you my friends, are for that of happiness and good health in all the days ahead. Don’t be afraid to live each day like your last and be sure to do it on your terms!

Thank you for reading. My love and light, Tracey Stones!

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