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Tuesday’s Teasers

Attention artists: Applications for the Regional Artist Project Grants are due by 8pm to the Craven Arts Council. this Friday.  Grants are given to further the professional careers of artists by providing financial assistance with a specific project. Grants are available in a variety of disciplines. Contact Craven Arts Council and Gallery for more information.

Craven Arts Council is located at 317 Middle St, New Bern. (252) 638-2577 is the number to call if you have questions or need information.


Attention aspiring actors:


Casting call for

The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)

October 2, 2016 2pm to 4pm


The City Laundry

901 Pollock Street New Bern, NC 28562

Please bring a headshot and resume

The show will run March 24, 25, 31  & April 1, 7, 8

We are casting 4 parts (male or female)  The show calls for three actors and we will double cast. So any time you aren’t on stage you will be a costumer backstage.

This is a very physical show. Be prepared to sweat!


For those looking to take a pause for the cause, there is a Fundraiser for the Coastal Carolina Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) of North Carolina. Join us for a night of music and fun. Check out this new venue in town while supporting a good cause. Silent auction and music provided by Cheri Carmody Hinks. Open to the public. No cover. Donations are appreciated. The City Laundry offers a fine selection of beverages and food which are available for sale. Beverages include coffee, soda, wine, beer and more.

This Business of Music and Effective Promotions

Here is the thing, if you spend your time practicing and playing you might as well make your efforts count by promoting your gigs effectively. The best way to promote yourself is via social media. Start by finding all of your friends, admirers, and fans on Facebook. Once you know the band name you will be promoting, create a page for that entity. Then when you get a booking, create an event and share it with your friends list.

Don’t be fooled. The creation of the event alone is not enough, you have to invite your friends and ask them to share it too with their friends. A decent campaign for any gig event is six weeks of shameless promoting and event sharing. Don’t be shy. Not all of your friends will see it in their news feed the first time. So upon the creation of said event share it five times to kick things off. Share twice in the morning, share it at noon and finish up the day with two shares in the evening. Make this part of your routine. It will keep you connected to people who appreciate you. If nothing else, at least invite me!

Back in the day it was customary to write a press release and mail it to newspapers and other media outlets and if you were lucky, your gig got a mention.Nowadays, you can still do that. I have several bands that touch base with me via press releases.This is not the only way to reach people. That is the best way to reach those who reach the masses.

Keep in mind your commitment to your cause. Are you taking this road because no other job is worthy of your time and attention? Are you doing it because you are just killing time but love making music? The answer as to why is very important. If you feel it is your gift and you need to share it…well don’t fall short when it comes to sharing where people can come to hear you.

No one said this was going to be easy, and I am here to tell you that it is a lot of hard work! Please, don’t be fooled by all those rock star stories that run around your fevered brain. If music is part of your make up and it is in you, then it will come out. Once you land on the path, committed to your music, make sure you lay all the groundwork down before charting your course.

Treat yourself like an entity and a business. Plan and chart your success. No one knows you better than you know yourself. No one will work harder or represent you better either. Sure, there might come a day that all of your hard work results in needing a team to build the dream. But until then, be proud of yourself and your music and promote it like it is the best thing under the sun. Create a buzz about yourself and then keep ’em buzzing about you!


Live Music Options for Tuesday, September 6, 2016 ~


Big Jim Kohler is hosting an open jam at Triple Play Restaurant located at 111 Williams Rd., New Bern, NC this evening from 8pm til midnight. So pack up the gig bag and bring your talent to the stage tonight!



Steel Shot is live tonight at The Buccaneer Music Hall, located 2120 E. Fire Tower Rd., Greenville. They get the party started at 10 pm and rock the room until 2 am. If you have not seen the Pamlico County duo yet, you are missing out on a good time!

Well kids,  I will be back the Wednesday’s Wonders and  look at gigs around the region. If you want to get in the zone send me your dates and invite me to your show. Drop me a line at:


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