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A Recap of Tracey’s Weekend Runaround~

Friday, November 18, 2016

On Friday, I kicked things off at Triple Play Restaurant located at 111 Williams Rd., New Bern, NC. I checked in with Jenna Leigh Huff and her dad, Rick Huff. It was a fun set of familiar favorites. The duo who grew into a trio, when Mike Sandvig joined them on bass for a couple of tunes. Paid Time Off kicked off a full night of rockin’ fun, with the Wannabees closing out the night. More on that when I roll back to town.If you would like to catch up with Paid Time Off, you can catch them after the holiday at The Brown Pelican. They will be jamming this Friday 7-10 pm.


Next up, I stopped in at The Boat Bar at Snapperz Grill & Steam Bar, located at 3710 Arendell St., Morehead City. I check in with Hank Barbee who had the crowd digging his music and enjoying the great food. This slinger is on the heels of releasing a new effort for our listening pleasure. All of the master tracks for Son Royale  have been laid and mixed. He is currently working with an artist on the album cover and packaging, for final release this winter. If you’re looking for some great music this weekend you can find Barbee live, at Biagio’s Italian Coffee Bar, located at 622 Court St, Unit 100, Jacksonville, NC. Show time there is 6-9 pm. On Saturday evening you can find him live at The Trading Post Southern Food & Spirits, located at 8302 Emerald Drive, Emerald Isle, NC. Showtime there is 6:30-9:30 pm, for those wanting to catch dinner and a show.


With Justin Castellano doing his thing right across the way, I decided to pop in on him at Bistro By the Sea, located on Highway 70 E, Morehead City, NC. This is a wonderful selection for anyone looking for dining and live music, either Friday or Saturday night.

Castellano is already booking dates for 2017. Besides keeping busy playing several days each week, he also hosts the page Guitar Resources page on Facebook. If you like great guitar works then you will want to keep up with this page too.

Guitar Resources

To keep up with Castellano, you can find him in the week ahead in Swansboro. He will be performing at Boro Restaurant & Bar, located at 109 N Front Street, Swansboro. He will be rocking the crowd from 8-11 this Friday evening. On Saturday you can catch him just around the corner, inside, at the bar of The Icehouse Waterfront Restaurant, located at 103 W Moore St, Swansboro, NC. He gets grooving at 9 pm and rocks until midnight!



Following my quick tour around Morehead City, I headed back to New Bern to catch The Wannabees, give up their last set for the night, for the crowd out at Triple Play Restaurant. These boys know how to have some rockin’ fun.  I was grateful that they saved their Rolling Stones selections for my return.

Live bands at this establishment are winding down to a close. Owner Dale Overbee will be opening Bambooz II,  located on Highway 70 West in New Bern, NC. Once known as The Diamond Club. Overbee has converted his first establishment into a full on live music venue. He looks forward to bringing in his first set of bands this Saturday evening, providing the town permits. Should it all go as planned, you can check out the new place this Saturday, as Cyn/Les Cusin’ BiPolar Express, Zen Pirates and Train Wreck, all gather to rock the opening night of Overbee’s new venture.

If you would like to be on hand to hear the last band on stage at Triple Play Restaurant, come out this Friday and get rocked by the baddest blues outfit in town. The Big Jim Kohler Band will close out this era of full bands on stage. In the weeks ahead however, you can still hear live acoustic acts on Friday, Karaoke each Saturday, Open Mic on Tuesday and Karaoke on Wednesday.


Saturday, November 19, 2016 ~

On Saturday night I headed wes, and landed in Durham at The Blue Note Grill, located at 709 Washington St., Durham, NC.  I enjoyed the grooves of  Joe Bell & The Stinging Blades. It was an awesome night. I enjoyed a fantastic meal and a great show as well. This band is tight and full of seasoned veterans. They worked out their rhythms well and had the crowd dancing all night.

Here is a sample of the show I saw:

Joe Bell & The Stinging Blades Live at The Blue Note Grill

To keep up with the band on Facebook check out their page:

Joe Bell & The Stinging Blades on FB

The Blue Note Grill ,offers an outstanding menu for folks that like BBQ. They’re offering live music seven days a week. Featuring the sounds of roots rock and blues. They honor and celebrate American Music heritage and history in all they do. If you have not made it out there yet, I encourage you to take the trip.


To visit them on the web check out their website today:


Tonight on stage you can catch Clark Stern and Chuck Cotton on stage, from 8-11 pm. There is no cover for this show and here is what you can expect:

Pre-turkey coma Blue Wednesday!

Bluesman Clark Stern has played piano alongside genre notables, such as Lurrie Bell, Anson Funderburgh and Billy Boy Arnold. But he’s joined tonight by local drum veteran Chuck Cotton ( Bob Margolin’s band). Though Stern and Cotton both sing, the focus is on the simple interplay beneath the two instrumentalists. Which really gets cooking, once Stern’s piano stand starts shaking from his heavy hands. Expect plenty of boogie-woogie and jump blues, when they draw tunes from traditional and gospel repertoires, as well as Stern’s originals.

Live Music Options for Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kick in your holiday season right, by heading out to SALT ULTRA LOUNGE, located at 325 Mangrove Blvd. Emerald Isle, NC, for the ultimate pre holiday party! Nantucket will be live on stage 9:30 – 11:00 pm. Come early for a meet & greet and stay late, for great drink specials and fun with friends!


Looking around out west, Brother’s Pearl will be performing tonight at Bull’s Tavern, located at 408 W 4th St., Winston-Salem, NC. Doors open at 9 pm , music starts at 10 pm and they will rock you right into Thanksgiving. Here is what I learned about the band on the FB event page:

Brothers Pearl, based out of Winston-Salem, NC.

Brothers Pearl is a well-oiled rock and roll machine; made to move you. Performing a variety of timeless classics and original tunes, these guys really know how to engage with the audience and get the most out of every show. Brothers Pearl play anything from Tom Petty to Eric Church, to Bruce Springsteen to Merle Haggard, to The Stones to Gnarles Barkley to… you get it! They have also been known to play a few of their own tunes, that can be best described as…Rock and Roll, three-part harmonies and beautifully arranged guitars, sit atop a soul shaking rhythm section. “It’s a new take on an old sound and good times are guaranteed!”

Looking along the coast, Monjah has a gig tonight at Off The Hook,  located at 105 S 7th St., Morehead City, NC. This reggae band based out of Carteret County, will be giving up the jams that move your soul, from 9:30 pm til 12:30 am. If you have not heard them, they are a young and talented bunch.
Looking at points in-between, Adam Hill Band has a show tonight at Nick’s Blacksheep Tavern, located at 1140 Old Maplehurst Rd., Jacksonville, NC.
This slinger is an incredible player. He is the featured artist for December, for Guitar Resources. His interview with Justin Castellano is included here, for your listening and learning pleasure.
I will be heading out to tonight’s show, to check out this local hot spot and grab some footage of Hill with his band, from the above page. You can look for that in the week’s ahead, as Hill is featured throughout the month.
Steel County Express have an acoustic show tonight at Mad Boar Restaurant, located at 111 River Village Place, Wallace. The music will play from 7-10. So be sure to bring the party there, if you are in the area and up for a little dancing, dining and good times.

Well kids, as we get ready for the holiday ahead, I just want to take a moment to say thanks. I appreciate you reading my works and sharing this page with friends. I want you to know, you are helping to make my dreams come true! Thanks for giving me the opportunity! I am grateful!

Enjoy your family and share good tidings with friends. The holidays are here! Be safe on the road, party responsibly and take kindness with you everywhere you go!
Please remember, that the servers and bartenders are paid far less than minimum wage. So help them, as they help you. Same is true for those music makers that make you dance…so if you are so moved, tip them too. We all have Christmas gifts to buy.  Remember…sharing is caring.
Whatever you do, wherever you go, make sure you dance like no one is watching….we all know I do. Be blessed and rock on!
I will be compiling your weekend options tomorrow. If you want to be included in that, or any of my future listings, please drop me a line. My email address is


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