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Shining a Light on Adam Hill and his Music


I kicked off my long holiday weekend by checking in with The Adam Hill Band, who had a gig last Wednesday evening at Nick’s Blacksheep Tavern, located at 1140 Old Maplehurst Rd. in Jacksonville, NC.

I never saw Hill in a trio formation. In fact, I had only seen him with Solid Ground. From talking to him and watching his FB feed however, I noted quickly The Adam Hill Band was a central focus. Finally having a moment and the courage to ask, I queried Hill as to why he would even bother with a cover band?

Solid Ground is an older band effort that Hill was already moving away from when it got rejuvenated! And though he agrees that the band is great, especially with the addition of Donna Storey on vocals, his heart and his attention is being paid fully to his own music and band.

There has never been any question in my mind about his talents. I saw it at Jean’s Place in Havelock, NC back in July, the first time I saw Solid Ground. I never even knew Hill existed in the world, but I knew that the singer they hired was bad ass and by the time the night ended my world was rocked and my soul satisfied. I was excited! It was all because of Hill’s guitar playing. It’s just not everyday ! That is all I can say!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 marks the first calendar day that I got to see all of Hill’s raw talents on display.  Hill’s vocals make him a powerhouse on many levels.  His song writing will grab you and the way he expresses it with six strings and a voice is mind-bending as he bends them strings and drops jaws all around the room.

In the end, I got to check out a fairly new establishment in Jacksonville, NC and meet the owner Nick Nichols. Retired military man, who has worked in many of trades, bought the place back in February  of this year. There are a couple of pool tables for the players out there and live music for the enthusiasts.

I can say  without hesitation, is it was worth the trip for a night of fun and live music. Hill that plays guitar like very few I have seen and I have seen many! Too many to even count or remember! It excites me to see talent like that, just as much as it confuses me. Thing about it is  that Hill is not garage band or bar band material. When I think about his caliber, I see and hear him in theater settings, not bars. Therein lies the confusion, my brain tells me I should not be able to walk into a bar for free but rather buying a ticket through Ticketmaster!

Given that gut feeling, I decided while feeling Thankful for Thanksgiving, on the ride home, I would commit to helping help Hill’s career. Giving back is what life is all about! If you have a trade or a talent and it helps someone, always share it! I remember when someone gave me a platform in the form of a website, to help me start my business in 2010 when I settled in LA. It was a previous customer and friend who believes in me with all her heart. She lives here  in NC. Years later I meet someone who definitely needs a platform and bigger stages for his music to reach more people. Last weekend I started that platform for him by building a website.  Look for for more on Adam Hill in the days ahead by visiting at I should have it published in the week ahead.




Not to be repetitive, but sometimes when a bar has a band cancellation, they call me and ask if I know of anyone. I was called on Wednesday on my way out to Jacksonville and told them I will have Adam Hill for Saturday. After thinking it over, during the holiday, and just after hearing Hill with a band behind him, I was ready for more! And not more turkey leftovers either, I was ready for more band! So, while I was out,  I approached the bar for a raise and we called in a band late Friday night for Saturday’s show. Making it a working night for us all, we had a great fun at The Brown Pelican. Hill was offered an awesome show with a stage full of musically talented friends, including his bass player  Gordy George,  local drummer, Steve Hill and local guitar staple Dave Nicholls.

Adam Hill is the featured guitar player throughout December,  for Guitar Resources Page on Facebook. You can check out his music on YouTube, by finding his library at AdamHill1979. By the end of the weekend you will find him at

In the month ahead Hill will be back at The Brown Pelican on Friday, December 23, 2016. with The Adam Hill Band. They will rock the room from 7-10 pm.

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