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Artist Development

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Fairlight Moriah is the powerful new voice on the New Bern music scene. Since we met in late November, she has made many rounds with me as we go out in search of a band best suited for her. She is not only redefining her direction and career, but she is looking to her future and all that the road delivers.

One of the best things about this talent is her positive attitude which she projects on every subject as she plots the course. In the coming weeks, the singer has a few shows to tell you about. First up she will be performing for a benefit next week with guitarist Aaron Davenport.

The two got together this week for a couple of practices and have been working out a set list for the many gigs on Fairlight’s calendar. Besides adding dates to her schedule here she is lining up a Summer tour which will take her to Colorado for several weeks in mid-summer.


Fairlight Moriah & The Scorpio Moon is her latest band project and they have several dates coming up in the near future. On Friday, March 30, check her out at The Thirsty Bruin Craft Beer & Wine Store, 224 Middle St., New Bern, NC Music will be offered 8-10:30 pm. On Friday, April 6, 2018, come hear her sing her blues away under the tent at Circa 1810 Bar & Restaurant at the Harvey Mansion; 221 S Front St. New Bern, NC. Music plays there from 8-11 pm

Her next radio appearance will be on Music Monday, on Monday, April 9, 2018. She will perform several original numbers when she joins John Jones in the studio for her second featured appearance on 96.3 FM’s Music Monday. Be sure to tune on at 8:30 am.


On The Scene With Tracey Stones





Last Saturday night I headed to the Southern shores of Wilmington, NC to check in with one of my favorite rocking blues outfits in the area…The Feral Cats made their debut appearance at The Rusty Nail; 1310 South 5th Avenue, Wilmington, North Carolina. 

The band gave up three solid sets of fun and groovy music. If you have yet to catch the band live be sure to head to New Bern this weekend. The Cats will be rocking “The Dirty Bird” tomorrow. The Brown Pelican is located at 411 Broad St., New Bern, NC. Music plays free three nights a week. Tomorrow you can dance from 8-11 pm with the rocking blues sounds of the Lenoir County band that so many love.

The Feral Cats include Kitty Cat, Kimberly Kornegay, on drums and lead vocals; guitarist, Wild Cat, Sam Zouari who sings a few songs and offers harmonies;  lead guitarist Bob Cat; Scott Carlisle and bass play, Tom Cat, Greg Howard who also sings and harmonizes.

To book this fun rocking blues band, who keeps adding new songs to their set list, be sure to contact me via email today. They are available for private parties, community gatherings, and your venue. Just reach out to me today and we will be sure to have your next fun time in our books. Contact me via email at


On my way back to New Bern on Saturday night, since there was time; I stopped at Ducks Grille & Bar located at 1201 Gum Branch Rd., Jacksonville, NC. It was there that I got groovy with the New Bern based Hot Buttered Grits. The band was rocking the room with many original tunes as well as a few not so common covers. It is fun to hear the Grits get up and give some Snoop Dog. It is just not everyday grooves.

The band will be rocking New Bern this Saturday, March 17, 2018, for St Patrick’s Day fun at Live at The City Laundry. Tickets are only $7.00 with music starting at 8 pm.


New Bern Parks and Concert Site Development

It was a rainy and dreary Monday night, but that did not stop local townspeople from coming out to hear the City of New Bern’s plan for the Martin Marrietta Park. The land was willed to the city which held a public meeting at the mall in January to hear what people would like the lot of lands to be used for. Thus far it sounds like an amazing plan to bring our community together. It will offer many amenities and activities. Some will be free for use by the public while other attractions will cost money. The site is just about 88 acres. To put it in perspective, for local readers familiar with our parks around here, Lawson’s Creek Park is 140 acres.

The purpose of Monday’s meeting was to give us an idea of how they would build the park to include the amenities that our area residents voted to build. Among those was an amphitheater which would host as many as 5,000. This is perhaps the most exciting part of this project for me, so this is what brings me out to hear the plans. Right now, there is more work to be done before we have a solid commitment to a concert venue coming. There are a few more phases to get through, including traffic analysis. Nonetheless, it is a great vision and one that I will be talking about as the news unfolds. Dream big and by 2021 we can be hosting our own blues festivals. There is some proposed camping in the plan, can you say fun times ahead! Let the good times roll. I love parks and nature!

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Live Music Options


Friday, March 16, 2018

Getting Down Around Town New Bern, NC


Paid Time Off is the father-daughter duo featuring Rick Huff and Jenna Leigh and tonight they will be rockin’ The Brown Pelican 411 Broad St., New Bern, NC. Music is offered each Friday with acoustic acts offering sets between 7-10 pm. The shows are free. The Brown Pelican is a private club, and you can join too. Memberships are $1.00 and available at the door.



Live at The City Laundry 901 Pollock St., New Bern hosts Local Band Tuesday each week which shows support for three local bands. Hosted by local dj and artist and music maker, Parker Millar; the weekly offering has grown to be a popular offering. Tonight you can have a weekend taste of that experience with three area bands on stage rocking for your good time. Come hear Miis Bliss, Hot Head Ted and Jimmy live tonight.

Music starts at 8 pm and the music charge for three bands on a weekend; only $5.00.



Ravenz Bru groove those talking about for this evenings Pub Crawl for St. Patrick’s Day. More on the next. But first, for those that like, classic rock, beach, and popular beats, be sure to enjoy the sounds of this local band from 8-11 pm, under the tent at Circa 1810 Bar & Restaurant at the Harvey Mansion; 221 S Front St., New Bern, NC. Come enjoy a green beer and the cool vibe while supporting free live music. Please feel free to tip the music makers too.



Tonight is the New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual St. Patty’s Pub Crawl. This is a great time to check out all of the downtown bars and clubs. There is a minimum charge of $5.00 and no one is allowed to ask me why they are doing this a day early. Just get out there and enjoy. Many places have live music to enjoy and great drink specials to usher you into the weekend.


Justin Castellano will be live at BrÜtopia 1201 E Highway 70, New Bern, NC. He will be shredding from 7-10 pm. He is an amazing and gifted talent that adds a fresh spin on songs of old. He hosts the Facebook page Guitar Resources where he is always teaching us new tricks and giving great hints on gear and cool effects. Go search out his pages and give them a like.



The Wannabees give up all your favorite classic rock hits from the Beatles to The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and more. Come dance to the songs that bring you back to the carefree days of high school dances and spring flings! You can enjoy their show tonight at Triple Play Sports Bar & Restaurant 111 Williams Rd, New Bern, NC. Music plays 9 pm till 1 am.

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Cruising The Coast



David Robinson brings the sounds of soothing jazz to Cru Bar & Wine Store Beaufort Coffee Shop, 120 Turner St., Beaufort, NC. This show is free with music being offered from 8-11 pm.



Come party with us the night before the festivities get started on the Beach. Harrika’s Brew Haus has it all. Located at 911 Cedar Point Blvd, Cedar Point, NC. We have had an epic St. Patty’s Day Party for 11 years in the Biergarten. Born Again Heathens will be rockin the stage, 7-10 pm and great Irish Beers On Tap and this year We Have an Awesome Food Grub Truck the Tiny Tornadoz from New Bern. Let’s party like Irish Rock Stars. Slainte.



4EverAll brings the music to Promise Land Market 909 B Arendell St., Morehead City, NC. They play from 8-11 pm and offer fun favorites you know and love as well as awesome and moving originals. This married couple are full of love, let them inspire you tonight.

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Rockin’ Around the Region



Carolina Sky brings the music to Jean’s 330 E Main St., Havelock, NC with music being offered from 9 pm until 1 am. There is an affordable music charge payable at the door, but the music is always worth it. Come out, unwind and dance at Jean’s tonight!



Gene Gregory has a show tonight at Capt. Bob Beck’s Marina Cafe; 110 S Marine Blvd.; Jacksonville, NC. Live music accompanies ‘s dinner from 7-10 pm. The entertainment is free, the music is awesome, the food is wonderful and the staff is friendly. Come out for a great time tonight!



The Angry Ginger is hosting its 3rd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival from Friday, March 16- Sunday, March 18th, 2018! This year’s festivities are MASSIVE and we do not want you to miss one second of them! We will have everything from vendors (including a Blacksmith & a Kilt vendor), N.C. State Pipe & Drums, live music, the Guinness Girls, karaoke finals, beer, food, and Sunday is a family day!! There is a break down of the festival below!

Friday, March 16th:
*10 AM- Dark (OUTDOOR)- Vendors start arriving
* 5 PM- 7 PM (OUTDOOR)- Matt Bowlin
* 7:30 PM- 11 PM (OUTDOOR)- The Phantom Playboys
* 6 PM- 9 PM (IN-DOOR)- Daryl Lucas
*11 PM- 1:30 AM (IN-DOOR)- DJ Donna & Karaoke semi-finals

Saturday, March 17th:
* 11 AM- Dark (OUTDOOR)- Vendors up & running ( Blacksmith & Kilt here)
* Open- Dark (OUTDOOR)- Silent Auction
* 1 PM- 3 PM (OUTDOOR)- DJ Donna & Karaoke finals
* 3:30 PM- 6:30 PM (OUTDOOR)- Eric Gress Band
* 8:00 PM- 11 PM (OUTDOOR)- Tan & Sober Gentlemen
* 9 AM- 11 AM (IN-DOOR)- Kegs & Eggs Breakfast
* 4 PM- 6 PM (IN-DOOR)- Chris the Bagpiper
* 6 PM- 9 PM (INDOOR)- Gene Gregory
* 11 PM- 1:30 AM (IN-DOOR)- Freeway (Acoustic)
The Guinness Girls will be making an appearance today and will be setting up a station to engrave Guinness glasses!

Sunday, March 18th– FAMILY DAY!!— ALL OUTDOORS!
* Noon- Vendors will be setting up and getting ready!
* Noon- Finnegan the Leprechaun on site
* ALL DAY- Boney’s Amusements (Kiddie Ferris Wheel, Timmy the Train, Rock Climbing Wall).
* Noon- 1:30 PM- Leprechaun games & crafts with Stacey
* Noon- 2 PM- Gary Shelton Magician & Balloon Artist
* Noon- 4 PM- Mrs. Evie the Face Painter
* 12:30 PM- 3:00 PM- Nicholson Academy of Dance dancers!
* 1:00 PM- St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Kiddie Costume Contest
* 1:30 PM- 2:30 PM- N.C. State Pipe & Drums (Front Parking Lot)
* 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM- Tan & Sober Gentlemen

The Angry Ginger is located at 1202 Gum Branch Rd., Jacksonville, NC



Jim Quick & The Coastline will entertain those dining at The Mad Boar 111 River Village Place, Wallace, NC. Doors open at 7 pm with music playing from 8-11 pm. Come out to enjoy the good food and fun sounds that make you groove into the weekend.



Adam Hill Band is rocking those in the Greenville/Winterville region tonight. Catch the band from 9:30 pm til 1:30 am. This talented band is fronted by Adam Hill on guitar, Gordy George on bass and some vocals and Cecil Pittman, Jr on drums and vocals also.

The trio has been rocking the region for just over a year and has enjoyed a busy schedule. They have more dates open on the calendar for the music season. To book the Adam Hill band call Hill at 252-559-9802 or reach out to me at 318-789-6929.

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Answering The Call

Checking things out around the rest of the region. I ask my Facebook followers where we can go to hear them play. This is what they said this week

March 12 at 8:39 pm

Thanks so much for and rocking around the state with me.

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Facebook Events Link

Here are all the great music options I found for you on Facebook this week. Check out all of the events here and express interest in the ones you like.

Live Music Events Around NC from Facebook

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 Thanks for Reading!

That is all the news and music that I found for you tonight. Always call the club in advance to confirm what you read here is true. Many times events change without anyone updating the Facebook event created for the said gig.

I hope you get out and enjoy the sounds of live music sometime soon. I am dedicated to making sure you know where to go to find it. If you like this blog please sign up and get an email each time we publish.

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IMG_6750.JPGTake kindness with you today, tip those that serve you and the music makers that rock you and hug and share the love. Don’t forget that life is short and could end in a moment, so make sure you take time to enjoy the dance. Please party safely people! We love having you here with us! You rock, so don’t roll the car! Rely on sober friends, call a cab or sign up to Uber around!

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