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Monday Morning Music Business 101 ~


Format. I think it is good to know yours if you wish to truly establish yourself in the music business. And there are many different ways that you can go, but it depends on what you wish to achieve with your music.

Do you want people to know you as a picker and bluegrass player? Are you a stellar six string blues stinger? Or is your group a party band, opened to offering many styles, genres?

If you stick to a certain genre, my advice to you is that you better master your craft to the point of making it your very own branding of blues, reggae, jazz, beach, funk, soul and anything other than the brand of “classic rock” because right there I know you are only a cover band and mostly passing time. But even if you are a cover band, passing time having fun doing what you love doing, at least be professional about it.

Some of the differences between the professionals and the armatures is promotions and presentation. Usually, I find in my travels, that when a band is represented professionally, they present themselves as a professional act on stage and on Facebook.

I know you just paused and said “On Facebook, what is she talking about?” I am talking about this column actually and for example. It started and came about because I have a lot of friends that like to support live music…did I ever mention I love my clan of characters? We all love to dance! Anyway, I started searching out live music events on Facebook and that led me to seeing just how much stuff was out there. Which in turn led to the creation of this blog.

The bands that take their craft serious, that want people to come out to show their support will take the time to post an event that gives details. I believe that promotions are a two step process and EVERY ONE is responsible for doing their part. Because everyone has a business to represent. Meaning, the club needs to make a big deal of their events if they are dropping dimes on live music. Make an event and invite the world. I mean why not? With social media, it is possible to reach the masses in mere minutes. Just take a minute to spell out the details.  And bands, if you are going to invest in the equipment, time and travel to rehearse, format your sound, load in, set up, play and load out, then you might as well make it fun and have your friends and fans on hand.Create an event and invite them all.

When you form a band, don’t stop at deciding who is going to play what instrument. Because there is so much more work to be done beyond the playing. So to ensure success; divvy up the duties in the beginning, before the first gig is even booked.  Assign leadership rolls in your band. When doing this in business, such as my cleaning business or when I was a volunteer ed at Promise Place, I try hard to use people for their talents. People usually do well at things they like doing!

So if someone in the band is a good writer, they can do the PR. If someone in the band is a natural car sales man, they can book the band. If the bass player likes photography he can set up the promotion shot for the band. Make someone in charge of Facebook events. Make another person in charge of sending out press releases to your local newspaper and people like me.  Who is booking the band? Is it fair to let that member do everything? And if so, how much more of a cut off the top are you giving for the time invested for all of that to happen?

Same is true of establishments that are booking live entertainment. Music is always a seller. People love it! I am not the only one. You just have let them know you are offering it. I understand the frustrations of club owners who book “big” drawing bands and turn out with a BUST night. My first question is who promoted it?

All promotions for every successful event is six weeks.for good measure. More for bigger events. That means for six weeks there should be and event up on FB being shared with your public one time weekly leading up to the event and then shared daily the week of the big deal. That is a good campaign. The best campaigns have an event created by the band and the venue. Generally those kinds of campaigns are not bust nights; ever! If you take the time to create the event ensure the specifics are included: time, price, who is playing, drink specials, give-a-ways, and whatever else you want to sell.

Since there is not much music to report on for Monday, I thought it was important to share the my thoughts on the importance of promotions. Band work is hard work. So is owning a live music establishment.  It is signing up to create your niche in the creative and unforgiving world. Success can only come with hard work and promotions of your endeavor is an important component.

If you wish to be successful, map out your goals with a plan, work on those goals and make your dreams a reality. But be prepared to work hard and make many sacrifices for simply pleasing others enough that they dance. Isn’t that the reason you do what you do?

Next week I will be back to talk about creating a page for your band. In the meantime, have a groovy Monday. I have a couple of CD’s and artists to report on, look for that tomorrow!  Peace and love until then and please hug a stranger! What? Stranger things have happened and you might make someone’s day brighter!

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