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~ On The Scene With Tracey Stones ~

When you are passionate about something and you believe in it, it is something you can do day and night. Let me just say working with Adam Hill is something that I have been very passionate about it and so it should come as no surprise that I spent much of last weekend chasing dreams with this slinger out of Pink Hill.

Kicking off the weekend in Greenville, the band returned to the stage at AJ McMurphy’s where they rocked the house from 9:30 pm til 12:30 am. This is a great stop in the college town. They offer awesome food, fast and friendly service and my favorite feature, they serve up the best in live music each weekend.


In fact, tonight you can catch the fun and talented Roman Sams Band. There is no cover for this show. They kick off at 10 pm and AJ McMurphy’s is located at 1914 Turnbury Dr., Greenville.

Tomorrow night you can catch The Roman Sams where I met them last year. They will be performing at Southern Salt Seafood Company & Waterfront Restaurant on the water in Morehead City. They get the music party started at 8 pm but please come early for a great dinner.



Back in June, The Adam Hill Band took part in a battle of the bands competition. They were the first band to play of the 13 competitors. No surprise to this girl, they killed it! They won the battle of the bands hosted by  Ted’s Kickin’ Chicken in Winston-Salem on June 10, 2017. That win awarded them a spot on stage opening up the Second Annual Camel City BikeFest brought to us thanks to the good folks at Biker Trash Nation.

This Saturday we made our way to Winston-Salem to turn the city on its ear with great guitar driven rock to welcome the bikers and kick things off at the event. It was a beautiful day and full of great fun and fine entertainment. These events take a lot of work for organizing and pulling together. With this event in its second year, my hats of to the organizers, Biker Trash Nation that brought this event to the Camel City.

The Adam Hill Band show up loud, showed up proud and gave an awesome early morning performance after rocking all night. This weekend they are featured on another big biker gathering taking place at Mason Dixon Park in Seven Springs. Thunder on Tobacco Road is the name of this weekend long biker rodeo and fun time gathering. Tonight they band that will melt faces and sway souls is Adam Hill. Tomorrow night the crowd will be rocked by The Kimberly White Project. This fun time includes camping and $30 to stay all weekend. Pack up the bike and come get rocked tonight!

On Saturday night the Adam Hill Band will be found live on the patio under the stars from 8-11 pm. Come enjoy not only his take on classics you know but also immerse yourself in his powerful originals.


For those reading this at home who have never been, Winston-Salem is the tobacco capital of  NC. Winston-Salem, Camel, Marlboro… It is not only rich in farming and factory history, thick with culture and cool landscapes, it is also full of artistic expressions and lots of live music. There were many bands that played at the event as well as a bike show and other competitions like the pin-up girl competition.

The band which took the stage following the Adam Hill Band had a fat rhythm section and strong guitar front for some rockin fun and lucky me I got to see Eyecon’s final performance. According to the bass and drummer, Rett and Dave, the band decided to disband but got together for final show.


They were a rocking act and here is where things stand with the players… The singer is currently involved with and  working with a few projects, the rhythm guitar player is never returning to the stage. And the lead guitar player, the bass player and drummer are putting a new project together. That was great news because they held the most talent. The best song they offered was when they took over the stage with Rett on lead vocals.

Believe it or not, this story is  a typical one. It takes a lot to make a band work. You are dealing with several personalities and not all of them blend and accompany each other…there are also different expectations. Some might be willing to risk it all to keep pushing while other only want to get paid and are along for the ride.

Hopefully I will hear about new dates for the new project soon…I sense these boys will be worth the drive.  You know I will bring you the news as it comes to me.


Speaking of band and disbanding news, I caught up with Jeff Young at the event as his band Thunderstruck closed out the night of rocking festivities in downtown Winston-Salem over the weekend. They are the rock solid AC DC Tribute band out of the Raleigh region who feature the vocals of Lee Robinson. You know you might be good when the band you pay tribute to calls you in to audition as their lead singer. Robinson got to jam with the band at an audition last year. I am not impressed that the band went with Axl Rose, but in the end they did achieve a new direction and I wish them the best. It also means that Robinson gets to keep on rocking us here with his great sounds.

This was actually the first time I got to see the band and they rocked me to the core. I knew they would. I met Young years ago at an open mic in Raleigh, about 2006, and he was forming a similar tribute band High Voltage. They would be the first band I wrote about while living in NC. The article was a promotional tool to help them get their name out there on…are ya ready for this…MySpace.

After that band disbanded Young went through a few personal struggles and there is no question music pulled him through. When I caught up with him again in 2016 it was at the North Carolina Music Awards where an original band project Last Call Messiah were up for Rock Band of the Year. Much like the story goes, the band recently broke up and Young is currently putting together a new project which he anticipates being called Shotgun Kiss and the line up is going to rock your socks off. The band will feature two lead slingers, so stay tuned for that news in the months ahead.

In the meantime fans of AC DC or good rock done right, check out Thunderstruck at an event near you. This weekend you can catch them at the Pittsboro Roadhouse. They rock the house this Saturday night. Music starts at 8 pm with the sounds of Tammy Gun. Following her performance get rocked right into the night with Thunderstruck. Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store is located at 39 West St., Pittsboro, NC.

Next weekend the band will be rocking Ray Price’s Capital City Bikefest on Saturday September 23, 2017. for details check out the page created  on Facebook by following this link: and to find out what new with this band and Young’s new band, keep it here and I will share the news as it develops.

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~ Jamming For Big Jim Kohler ~

I am sorry my good friend and local bluesman , Jim Kohler had to fall gravely ill to get this much-needed idea rolling. But due to a recent illness, Big Jim Kohler ended up in the hospital after pneumonia he did not know he had; but made his chest feel so constricted that he thought he was suffering a heart attack. Hours into diagnosing his chest pains, Big Jim suffered a seizure which was triggered from withdrawal from alcohol. Knowing he was going to be staying with them for a while, the medical professionals, placed Kohler in a medically induced coma to detox. Following that touch and go period, Kohler slowly has regained consciousness and is interested in getting healthy again.

Last week Jim was moved out of ICU and is now recovering in a regular room. He needs physical and speech therapy and a plenty of other care to help make him  get well again. Of course without Kohler gigging this means the family is working less. To help offset those losses I have asked our area bands to step up in this Jammin’ For Jim Campaign and promote their personal tip jar  money to the Kohler family. I ask the bands to talk about Jim and his family in real terms and ask your friends and fans to help us keep the blues alive, literally by seeing to it that Kohler gets the care and treatment he is in desperate need of…his life depends on him rehabilitating and changing his ways and when I spoke to him this week, he understood that.

But, then again when it comes to his understanding, you should understand what we are dealing with as in the next breath Kohler looked at me and said, “Do you know what he did?”  I asked Kohler, “Who ?” He said, “Ced, you know Big Ced.” Suddenly we were talking about our mutual friend Cedric and he went on to tell me he took over Kohler’s bed the night before and then he got up and, “Get this.” he said, leaning in to whisper, “He got up and went and peed in the water fountain.” I said “No way!” He replied, really , “I watched him, but I am not sure I always see what I think I am seeing.himself.”

My friend was in very poor health for some time before the pneumonia kicked in. He is diabetic, and has a bad liver, he has COPD and a host of other problems. This is not a quick fix but I think together we can help Big Jim heal while we build a foundation to help musicians get help in their darkest hours.

Currently I talk to everyone I know and I am gathering a good amount of people so to build a board and set up a non-profit agency that will help reach this goal inspired by the man it will be named after. If we do this right, The Big Jim Kohler Foundation will not only help Big Jim recover and heal, but a host of others as well. while building a healthier, more family friendly environment for recovering artists to keep thriving as they get healthy and give back to the community that stood up and helped them. My vision for this is big and bold and it will take much work. I am ready! Let’s go!

Currently there are several things in place to help generate income and help them meet their basic needs. The family of five has two teenage children in high school. Kohler also has an older son who lives in New York. I am trying to help the family maintain some normalcy by raising funds via our music scene. This week the bands that signed up to help me in my mission include The Bears, who will be live at the Harvey Mansion this Sunday from 5-8 pm and also the night before Adam Hill will be rocking for tips on the patio this Saturday from 8-11 pm. Bobby Hurff of Peace Soldier will also be playing a private event in town for our Veterans and drumming up attention for Big Jim too.

Last weekend the bands that helped contribute include The Feral Cats, Steel Shot and Limited Engagement. The week before that The Wannabees and Dan Jam Phillips raised funds to help the family in this difficult time. Having 3-5 band collecting tips each week for the family in need is the ultimate weekly goal to help offset the lost income loss.

All of these donation add up and there are several site to visit to help. If you wish to help the family with their immediate needs, please visit the go fund me page set up by a family friend:


To help meet the cost for his rehab needs please visit the foundation fundraiser I set up on my personal Facebook page:


If you are like me and don’t have the cash to donate, let’s talk. This is a year-long campaign and there is room for everybody to get involved.  I want to create a valuable non-profit for the players that work weekends  for little pay to make me happy enough to want to dance. They deserve our help as much as any group I know and I am willing to get that ball rolling for them. Please consider helping me in this huge undertaking.

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~ Rockin Around and Getting Down ~



Making our first stop New Bern, we have several live music options this evening. First we find The Oblations live tonight at The Brown Pelican located at 411 Broad St.,  New Bern, NC. This show is free and it kicks off at 7 pm.


On the patio this even it is the soul and funk sound of Arlin Tart Trio living on the patio at The Harvey Mansion. Located at 221 S Front St. This venue offers great food and awesome music four nights a week now.



Starting next week they will offer dueling pianos each Thursday on the patio from 8 pm- 12am. They have been featuring live music every Friday Saturday from 8-11 pm and each Sunday from 5-8 pm.



I already mentioned that Adam Hill will be on the scene tomorrow and on Sunday we groove to the oldies with The Bern’s favorite Oldies band fitting for our town too, The Bears will be there Sunday 5-8  pm singing while you enjoy supper.




There is live music happening tonight at The Trent River Coffee Company located at 208 Craven St., New Bern, NC, Southern Folk artist and painter Jefferson Ross will be performing live starting at 7:30 p,. Here are the details provided in the email I received:

Southern folk artist, Jefferson Ross, is a songwriter, singer, guitar slinger and painter, weaving stories for the ears and the eyes. His art is inspired by the sights, sounds, flavors and texture of the American South. Whether portraying a Delta blues master, hillbilly yodeler, Carolina mountain vista or Georgia coast sunset, his work features the rough hewn, ragged edges of Dixie itself.

Ross says “My music portraits are all painted in various shades of blue. My thinking is, whether an artist is Caucasian, African-American, Native American or whatever…, it’s all about the blues…, the integrity of the music…, not skin color. I have a soft spot for Delta icons like Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and so on but I also love the blues that lives in Country and Folk and Gospel music.”

Based in the Peach State, Jefferson travels throughout the US and Europe performing his original music and displays his art at festivals and galleries across the South. An evening with Jefferson Ross is a homespun Southern experience that you’re unlikely to forget.

Tickets are available at Trent River Coffee Company and at Bank of the Arts in New Bern


Reply to this email or call (252) 646-4657 for reservations.


Live this evening at The Thirsty Bruin located at 224 Middle St., New Bern, NC.; come out and enjoy the talents and sounds of six string slinger Tommy Duzan Sr. This free event takes place from 8-10:30 pm. So come out support local music and local beer and local business!


Image may contain: text

Live at the City Laundry does a Lip Sync Battle one time a month and tonight it is time to go again. Live at The City Laundry is located at 901 Pollock St.,  New Bern, NC. Tomorrow they return to the live music program with  a performance from Jordan Ambum and Friends. The detail for that show from the event page are as follows: Music starts at  8 pm and here is the rest of the low down:



Singer, Actor Jordan Amburn presents a musical journey through the personal milestones of his theatrical career and a look at every Actor’s dreams for the future. Featuring accompanist Tim Maddox and guest appearances from some our finest local Theatre voices. Admission is $15 and reservations are highly recommended!


IMG_0236 - Copy

Solid Ground has a show tonight, live at Triple Play Restaurant 111 Williams Rd, New Bern, NC. They will be rocking from 9 pm til closing. Come enjoy the powerhouse vocals of New Jersey native and Pamlico County resident, Donna Storey as she rocks you into the night. here is a music charge payable at the door.



Checking things out around the region let’s not forget there is music always close by so please get out and enjoy yourself while supporting these great players working each weekend for us to have some fun. Speaking of fun, you can catch that loveable and fun duo Steel Shot in action and live tonight at Boro Restaurant located at 109 Front St., Swansboro, NC. They will have you and your date laughing, dancing and having fun so make plans now for good food and a fun night of music. The show is free with music from 7-10 pm.


Speaking of Swansboro I wanted to let you know the last time I went to see Hank Barbee & The Dust Parade perform at Swanfest in May, they got rained out two songs into the program. This coming Sunday the boys return for a double bill of fun.

Trio Tour 014

Opening the night you can catch Wild Honey Duo featuring the music of Angie Cooper and Matt Miller. This event is free to the public, Bring a chair and come enjoy the night air and fine music on the lawn at the pavilion. Music starts at 6 pm and last til 9 pm.



This the season for Bike Rallies and motorcycle fun. Besides the event taking place in Seven Springs featuring Adam Hill tonight, there is The Boone Bike Rally taking place tonight and tomorrow as well. This event is taking place at The High County Fairgrounds located at 748 Roby Greene Rd, Boone, NC. There are several bands slotted to play this event each day, so check out the website get all the details.



Ravenz Bru has a show tonight at The Flying Shamrock. Located at 115 N John St. Goldsboro, NC they bring the beach and party sound to the front from 8 pm til 12 am. The show is free and this place serves up great Irish fare! So act like it’s Friday and go have some fun tonight!



Live at The Red Room located at 220 N Herritage St., Kinston, NC come out and groove to the sound of Rural Route Romance live on stage from 10 pm til 2 am. There is a $5.00 music charge payable at the door but the music is always worth it.

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Answering the Call

Now then those are not the only gigs to tell you about. If you have a Facebook account there are plenty of other events going down. Each week I ask where everyone is playing in the days ahead…here is what the fine folks told me this week:

12 September at 20:27

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The Link for Live Music Events Happening throughout NC

Once again if you have Facebook you can search the many music events happening throughout the state by clicking on:

Happy Dancing

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That is all my news and music that I found for your dancing pleasure. I hope you get out and enjoy the sounds of live music sometime soon. I am dedicated to making sure you know where to go to find it. If you like this blog please sign up and get an email each time we publish. I appreciate my readers, the musicians and the venues who all do a part in keeping live music alive! Thanks for keeping me informed!

Please take kindness with you today and hug strangers. Don’t forget that life is short and could end in a moment, so make sure you take time to enjoy the dance. Party safely people! We love having you here with us! You rock, so don’t roll the car! Rely on sober friends, call a cab or sign up to Uber around!

Send all of your event invites to me on Facebook, so I know where you are playing in the days ahead. I can be found on Facebook by following this link:

I also read emails daily. You can send those to:

Please include the day, the date, the time of the event, the time of your scheduled performance, what time doors open and the price of tickets. Pictures are also helpful. I share links to band websites, so send those along as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill me in on the details, together we will reach the people!


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