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Adam Hill Music ~ More Than An Experience For Music Lovers

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      “What was it, that did it for you?” Tracey Turner; life mate and partner of Adam Hill; recently asked me.

      To be honest, there is just something irresistible about that fevered guitar tone that screams from his amp; and his fingers and hands; well I have never seen anything move quite like them! Fast does not even cover the speed for which Hill expresses notes from his guitar. When you hear it, it will make you pay attention.

      It’s been a long journey of me traipsing through music. Local music is something I have been embracing since I was 15. It was just weeks ago that Hill played my 48th birthday party. In those 33 years I have met and have seen lot of bands. More than I can even name or remember. Most of those crossed my path in my days as a music journalist. But few have left an impact on me like Hill did  the night he played at Jean’s Place in Havelock, NC, with a band called Solid Ground.

      Two songs in and I was already looking past the band and paying direct attention to Hill on guitar! I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes. When he launched into Voodoo Chile I videotaped him up close. I watched that video like five times that night, shaking my head, saying “Wow, just WOW!”

       Since then I have seen more than a dozen shows and say, “Wow, just WOW!” every time throughout each show! He is a soul crusher with ten fingers, six strings, an amp, a couple of pedals and a voice that grabs you! I would say I never saw anything like it, but that’s a tough one. I have seen many of the greats. I have seen lots of great guitars being played. What makes incredibly  Hill special is his beast like ability to manipulate and manufacture tones.

      These days I am the girl behind the camera for this band, every time I make it out to a show! I feel blessed to be the one to be able to help him spread the word of his music and his message. His skills make me want to hone my own skills in bringing him to you. Since meeting in July, I have been inspired enough by his music to give him a stage, so that people get to know him better. is the site to follow on-line for all things in Adam Hill’s music career. It where we will be branding him and his music. A store is in the works and we already have Adam Hill Band T-Shirts available at gigs.


      After hearing him live the first time, I didn’t understand why I had never heard of him. It wasn’t long after that I figured if he had a website more people could hear of him and that could only be a benefit the world of music lovers. His material is as real as it gets and every one of us have lived through real times. That is what helps Hill reach the masses… with his music. He touches on love and loss, death and heartache. Anyone paying attention can tell that he gets through the hard times by feeling his way through the music he produces. Currently available for solo shows, duo with a bass and guitar or an action packed, full throttle guitar driven trio. Hill is interested in performing so that people will hear him and get familiar with his music.

      Helping him deliver his testimony with impact and ease are his musical brothers Gordy George, who has been laying the bass lines down for Hill for more than a decade. And Cecil Ray Pittman, Jr, who has known Hill since he played with Hill’s step-father David “Fingers” Alcock. Who is credited for most influencing Hill as a child.


     Due to his skill, Hill is definitely a musician’s musician! He makes you pay attention to what he is doing and you want to know how he is pulling off that sound! He plays because it is essential to his existence. Without music, and playing there seems no point to living. This player who has been noodling around with a guitar seriously since the age of 12. It’s second nature and everything it takes for  Hill to process life.

      Recently making the choice to focus more on his own material, he recently positioned himself with the right players to deliver his material, as well as a mix a great covers that keep crowds rocking all night on the dance floor. Hill is ready to play more and branch out from the regional area. He is looking to visit South Carolina, Tennessee and even the Northeast. At this point in his career, with having logged decades worth of experience and song writing material, Hill is ready to make a go of it on the road and in the studio.

      The year ahead will be used to pave the way for the band and their future studio sessions. They will be accepting donations at shows and selling merchandise to collect the necessary funds for a studio effort. There are lots of exciting things in the works, with a new band, new material, new energy and new promotional campaigns to forge them full throttle on the regional rock circuit. We are currently booking live shows for the 2017 calendar year. I am personally seeking festival opportunities for the band and community events as well as new clubs and other music venues.


      The band has enough material to showcase on any stage and they would be a great choice for any national act looking for a local opening act. I invite all press and media to catch Adam Hill Band while he is up and coming. He is a talented player just breaking the surface of North Carolina’s music scene.


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