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Thinking Ahead Thursday:

bandgraphicfirefighters [780410]

I just wanted to give you the heads up on an event that is coming next week to the Red Hat Amphitheater on Sunday September 11 featuring two bands. Here is a brief description that I received in an email:

Join fellow citizens to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11 by honoring those lost with acts of service at Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh on Sunday, September 11. Starting at 1:00 PM, citizens will participate in service projects at stations throughout the amphitheater, hear words from local leaders, and enjoy live music to conclude Activate Goodโ€™s 9/11 Weekend of Service.

Attendees are asked to bring a nonperishable food item to donate to ‘fill-the-truck’ for the Urban Ministries of Wake County food pantry (see food needs:

RSVP at http://911commemoration2016.ev


This Business of Music ~ The Importance of Creating Social Media Pages for Bands or Solo Acts

So often players take the time to form a band but never create an entity for promoting the effort. If you are going to spend the time practicing, working out a set list and preparing to bring it to the people, you might as well let said people know about it. Create a page! Back when I started in the music business 30 years ago, it was completely acceptable not to have a website or social media page for your band because such things never existed. Today, such is not the case. Social media and websites allow you to tell the people. A good resource page will  keep you connected to the audience that appreciates you.

We all have the world at out finger tips. So why not make the most of it…create a media circus yourself. That is exactly what I did when I created this blog!

Make sure when you are corralling band mates to the stage, make sure one of them has a strong, positive  presence on Facebook and Twitter.  This simple thought might make or break people knowing you are out there.

Treat your band like a business. If you are a band consider yourself a corporation where every top executive has a say. If you are walking out the door as a duo, consider yourself a partnership and figure out each others assets as it will determine your making or breaking the scene. If you are a solo act and you are tied up in playing and performing making promotions of self is just not your thing; find a friend or family member that supports your music and put them to work as a volunteer for your cause.

If you are not a fan of the Fakebook, oh I meant Facebook, sorry; there are other options! There is ReverbNation, or you can create a free basic webpage. Just import a calendar and keep that up to date. If you go that route it is best to have it tied to a social media site. The first one I ever paid attention to is still an option too…anyone else remember their days on MySpace?

Of course it is just my opinion as a business major in life that if you set out to make money doing something it is best to attract as much money to the cause as humanly possible. Otherwise you will never meet your basic needs and you are just spinning your wheels, going broke and living a nightmare, not so much the dream you envisioned.

Building dreams is harder work then just going with the flow and heading out the door to the dull drums of a job! My advice is to set goals for those dreams and visions you hold dear.

Envision the stages you wish to play on! Do you see it in your mind? If there are thousands of people in that audience, you better get to work on letting people know you are out here. If you see a dimly lit bar with a handful of people talking over you and hardly applauding but quite possibly you are digging it for the entire $1.18 per hour rate you earn as a musician (a figure completely made up by this writer and probably over exaggerated; as an example to show how grossly over paid musicians really are); well then,  you’re doing fine with what you are doing. No need to tell anyone a thing.

My bottom line is standard in all business practices…Time is money. Make sure you get paid for your time! If people make or break your career never quit trying to reach new ones. There are 7.4 BILLION people in the world, how many do you want to reach with your music?

Live Music Options for Thursday, September 1, 2016~

Around the Region:



James Ford is going to get a fix for his traveling jones as he has a show this evening at The Sushi Gem Asian Bistro located at 17230 US Hwy 17N Suite 124, Hampstead, NC.

He will be entertaining the dinner crowd from 7- 10 pm. This local New Bern player is a talented rather talented and goes great with dinner. Be sure to check him out soon!


Pete Pawsey, Spencer Scholes, and David Prather will share original songs in a laid-back neighborhood bar tonight. For those in the RDU area, check out this event of Songwriters in the Round, taking place at 106 Main St., Durham, NC. They will be swapping grooves from 8-10 pm! For a sample of what you might expect I have included a video clip.

 Songwriter’s In The Round


Jazz guitarist Paul Bomar is teaming up with upright bass player Rick Wolff for a night of collaboration and song creation at Vinos Finos, located at  8450 Honeycutt Rd, Ste 110, Raleigh, NC. They will be performing for the folks on hand from 6:30-9:30 pm


Looking around Highway 17 South we stop at Hooligans Pub & Music Hall located at 2620 Onslow Dr, Jacksonville, NC to check out Art of Dying making a tour stop in our region. Also on the bill you can check out Children 18:3  and Letter From The Fire. Doors open at 7 and music starts about 8 pm.


 Also in the neighborhood, you can enjoy Steel Country Express live tonight at Dukenfield’s Tavern located at 4285 Gum Branch Rd., Jacksonville, NC who will be rocking the crowd with their brand of country favorites for bike night. grab your partner and ride on out for a night of fun and great music.

Along the Coast ~

Moving further south and heading to the coast I found a few things happening around the Wilmington way. First up you can enjoy the healthy sounds of  ORGANIC ACOUSTIC FREE-RANGE MUSIC  being made by Michael Wolfe, Robb Harrington, and Gene Carmen better known as The Wolfe Gang who will perform live at Ted’s located at 2 Castle St, Wilmington, NC. Their show is slotted for 7-9 pm tonight!


Jarrett Mlodzinski has a show tonight at Buzz’s Roost, located at 15 S Front St., Wilmington, NC. He will be live on the Courtyard Stage from 7-10 pm


Patch’s Pub located at 6213 Market St. Wilmington hosts a Bike Night tonight featuring live music by The DV8 Band. Music starts at 7.


Moving in a different direction and moving East along 70, Jeanne Jolly  who has a new release available will be appearing live at The Dock House Restaurant located at 510 S. Front St., Beaufort, NC. Showtime is 6-10 pm


Backseat Romeo, Ed Prophet will be live tonight at The Swansboro Yacht Club located at 126 W Corbett St., Swansboro, NC . He will be playing for members and their guests for 6-9 pm.

Around Town, New Bern


Rick Huff will be performing with for members and their guest tonight at  New Bern Golf and Country Club located at 4301 Country Club Road, New Bern, NC. He will start his grooves about 7 and rock you sweetly until 10 tonight.


John Van Dykeand his many talented friend take root at the front of Christoffs On the Water inside The DoubleTree by Hilton, located on S Front St. Downtown. They offer great jazz standard to go with a wonderful menu. Enjoy dinner and dancing from 7-10 pm


There is an open mic being held at The Brown Pelican from 7-10 pm. The Dirty Bird is a great place to unwind after a long day and enjoy a cold frosty beverage and great music every weekend. This open mic is the kick-off of a three day rotation where live music resonates the walls!

Plenty of talent has been heard hear and this coming weekend will offer nothing less. Check out two talented New Bern resides deliver their grooves. Look for Spencer Scholes who is from Durham, playing in Raleigh tonight and will be back in his new hometown tomorrow from 8-11 pm! On Saturday it is back to the roots as James Ford celebrates his birthday at the Pelican on Saturday from 8-11 pm.

Well kids that is a wrap on who is playing where tonight. I hope your Thursday is chock full of positive vibes and happiness. Hug a stranger, be kind to everyone and get out and enjoy the dance. Life is short…always make the most of it and never miss a chance to celebrate!! Today I celebrate Robert Walker! Happy Birthday to one of my best pals.


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