Looking Back at the Week of Fun Plus a Look Ahead

Behind The Scene With Tracey Stones

Looking back at the week, there was a lot of music that I found and guess what? There is a lot ahead too!

Rehearsal with the new Bryan Mayer Band


I started the week out with logging some rehearsal time with the new line-up for the Bryan Mayer Band. This past weekend marked an end of an era for the band and the country crooner is getting ready to bring a new show to light with a new guitarist and drummer joining the ranks.

The next gig for the band will feature Victor Speight Jr on drums and John Coltrane manipulating the electric six string. Holding down the bottom is a bass man of the year, Mike Sandvig. Namesake and leader, Bryan Mayer acknowledged that 2019 has been a weird year for him. He was rather comfortable with his line up but like with all things, change sets in and directions turn. After nearly five years with the same group, it’s a period of transition for the local country singing star.

Though they can only fit one practice in per week, the players have been getting comfortable with each other for the past several weeks as they get ready to make their debut at next week’s Ayden BBQ Cook-off and Festival. That will be on Saturday night at 7 pm.

Bryan Mayer Band – Crazy In Love

Currently, the band is a part of a Facebook Competition for the song “Crazy In Love.” This new release is nominated for Song of The Year.  To cast your vote, follow the link dated May 1, ask to join the group and then cast your vote. May 1 at 10:21 AM.


On The Scene With Tracey Stones


Monday Evening Blues Fix

One of my favorite nights around New Bern is Monday night. That is when Big Jim Kohler brings his blues to The Brown Pelican, to offer the great Chicago style blues we all know and love. Music is offered each week from 7-9 pm.  Be sure to come out and support it soon. This is a great night for blues fans and jammers too.

A New Open Mic Night on the Links

Speaking of jams, I attended a new open mic last week. KClub at Brandywine Golf and Country Club in Morehead City now offers an open mic twice a month. Hosted by the lovely and talented Tiffany Elaine, all are welcome to attend. This club is open to the public and offers cold, beer, wine, delicious food and now live music too. All are invited to come out to see what’s new and exciting at the links this Spring and Summer season!

All Are Welcome

While in attendance for the debut, I was able to catch a few awesome stringers and singers. First up was Fernando Rivera offering his own vibe to the mix. Following his three-song set came Steve Mehan, who started out with a fine blues instrumental, one he thought would work well with some horns. Speaking of horns, next up came the fresh young talented Dakota Nyman who offered a smooth jazz set.


While I was in the house, I also had the pleasure to hear from Stephen Poole and Ashton Ward, they are both powerful voices becoming known along the Crystal Coast. Both crooners have strong country persuasion but offer some pop and rock tunes too.

Before heading back to town I was also able to enjoy a short set by the trio Now or Never. The trio came about as result of these open mics, being hosted by the singer Tiffany Elaine. Teaming up with two guitarists this trio has three songwriters too. The chemistry is great and that is captured in the essence of their music.

This week Tiffany will host Open Mic nights at Shortway Brewing Co. tomorrow with music starting at 6-9 pm. On Tuesday the crew heads to Cru Bar & Wine Store/ The Beaufort Coffee Shop for more fun from 8-11 pm. On Wednesday catch the gang at The Carolina Wine Mixer offer an open stage to share songs from 7-10 pm each week.

Honky Tonk Tuesday

When I got back in the area I stopped in at The Brown Pelican to see what was happening. I got to enjoy a few jams by Charlie Duzan, who was offering the vibes to Honky Tonk Tuesday, a fairly new feature each week at the Dirty Bird. Music plays from 7-9 pm and all country players are welcome to come out and jam.

Soulful Sounds Fill My Soul On Thursday

The elegant and popular singer Alisa Mike has had a standing gig at  City Stage New Bern, since they opened their doors nearly a year ago. In fact, Mike was the first performer to welcome attendees to the new club and she offered the crowd her debut record, a self-titled disc with so many standards we love to hear her sing. Since then, Mike has enjoyed the dinner crowd that delights in her show each week. For anyone interested in catching this fine weekly offering, come out any Thursday from 7-9 pm.

Castellano Comes to New Bern

Justin Castellano is always entertaining to take in. I caught up with the talented act on Friday night when he graced New Bern with his talent. He offered his fans and friends at BrÜtopia a fun show on Friday night. One of the things I love about this cat is the fact that he is a gear junkie and technology nerd. These combined traits always give the singer something new to talk about.

For those looking to catch this skilled player soon, you can find him on the weekend in Swansboro, NC. On Friday and Saturday nights he will be offering music to those that gather at  The Boro Restaurant & Bar. Music is offered from 8-11 pm both nights. On Sunday you can hear him offering brunch music to those that come out to Church Street Deli, Pub, & InnLive music plays from 12-2 pm.

For anyone who can’t make those shows but wishes to keep up with this talented stringer, be sure to visit his website at https://justincguitar.com

To get a taste of how talented and crazy good this stringer is, be sure to check out some of his awesome music. Here is one of my favorites:

Justin Castellano Music

Country Courtesy of Ryan Cain & Jimmy Kennedy

For the next stop, I found Ryan Cain and Jimmy Kennedy II sharing songs in the backyard of The Garage. This new family-friendly bar is located in James City and offers games for the kids and cold beer for the parents. They are making upgrades each week and soon we will have a stage in the backyard.


Jason Addams is better known to this world as The Mad Fiddler, and for good reason. This talented singer and stringer is a true one-man band that offers a great mix of popular songs that many know and love. What is most unique is the way he offers those familiar songs. With a wild-eyed edge, Addams is dramatic in his delivery of the energetic songs that he offers to those that sit before him.

Many that were in the house had not seen the wonder of the Mad Fiddler and he was delighting all that I spoke with. Many had asked if I have ever seen him. Fact is, I have had my eye on his madness since I caught a clip of it on Facebook three years ago. I finally met the talented player last year at an outdoor community celebration in Cape Carteret. Since then I have enjoyed several offerings.

To keep up with the madness, be sure to become friends with Jason Addams on Facebook.

Last Call For Current Rotation

Turning our attention back to the start of this blog, I mention Bryan Mayer was working things out with a couple of new players as his current drummer and manager, Shawn Mitchell makes a break for the bass and heads to work with RT Johnson. Also pulling out to take on more corporate responsibilities is Keith Salyards, who has been offering the electric strings for the past 5 years for the country crooner, tall on talent.

Looking ahead, the new band will make their debut next Saturday, May 18, 2019, at The Ayden BBQ Cook-Off and Festival. Music starts at 7 pm.

For fans and friends of the band be sure to check out the band on Facebook at Bryan Mayer or check out his website by visiting  https://www.bryanmayermusic.com/


Music Options In the Days Ahead

Monday Mania

Blues Night at The Brown Pelican

All are welcome to come out and join the fun each Monday at The Brown Pelican. Live music is offered from 7-9 with Big Jim Kohler at the helm and blues on his mind!

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

Tuesday Temptation

It is Honky Tonk Tuesday at The Brown Pelican each week. Country pickers and players are welcome to come jam between 7 pm and closing. All are welcome to participate or just relax and listen!




Tiffany Elaine will host an open mic night at the Cru Bar & Wine Store/Beaufort Coffee Shop on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. The fun starts at 8 PM and all are welcome to come out and jam. 


Wednesday’s Weakness

Blues Is Back at City Stage

We get back to the blues on Wednesday when Big Jim Kohler host another fun night of swapping blues chops with other players. Live music starts at 7 pm on stage at City Stage New Bern and the fun goes to 9 pm. All are welcome to jam with the blues master, or just come to listen and dance along!


Open Mic at Carolina Wine Mixer

Open Mic Night at The Carolina Wine Mixer with Tiffany Elaine starts this week and will take place each Wednesday night. The fun starts at 7 pm, all are welcome to come out and join the fun with family and friends.


Thursday Thrillers

Captain Ratty’s Seafood & Steakhouse will be serving the sounds of Chuck Phillips this week in the piano bar upstairs. Music is offered 6-9 pm and dinner is always delicious.


Strung Together will provide the entertainment on the deck this Thursday evening at Persimmons Restaurant. Music is offered from 6:30-9:30 pm. Come enjoy a great night with fine dining on the water and enjoy the show!


Alisa Mike hosts a night of music each Thursday evening at City Stage New Bern. She will wow you with standard jazz offerings and groove you with fun show tunes. The City Stage offers a pub-style menu and entertainment most night of the week. They are located at 901 B Pollock St., Doors open at 5 pm.

Brian Mac of Third Degree Bern hosts the open mic night at The Brown Pelican each Thursday Night. Sign up starts at 7 pm and music starts at 8 pm and lasts until all of the jammers have jammed. This is the longest running open mic night in New Bern and it is always new and exciting!


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