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On the Scene With Tracey Stones

In the studio at #NewBernLive 12/14/2018 with Kim Grace Briele and Bryan Mayer

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Open Mic Madness at The Crystal Coast

On Monday, December 10, 2018 I headed out to Shortway Brewing Company to enjoy the talents that come out to take part in the Singer-Songwriter Open Mic hosted by Tiffany Elaine and her band Now or Never.

  • Sabra Mason is a talented country artist with a great many songs to share. She was the first player I got to enjoy at the Singer-Songwriter Open Mic Night.
  • The youngest star of the night was MacKenzie Webb who has a strong presence with a penetrating voice and mad music skills on a ukulele and piano too.
  • Wiregrass is the husband and wife bluegrass band featuring Brian and Pat Till. This couple will be in New Bern tomorrow afternoon to sing songs with the senior residents at The CourtYards at Berne Village.
  • Now or Never is a new band out of Beaufort which came together as a result of the many open mics nights hosted by the beautiful Tiffany Elaine. This trio features Elaine with her music brothers and best friends, Fernando Rivera and Steve Mehan.

Tiffany Elaine does a great job at seeking out venues that will host open mic nights for area artists along the crystal coast. She hosts as many as four open mic in a week but on most weeks she hosts a minimum of two events. The music hostess can be found at the Cru Bar in Beaufort, Crystal Coast Brewing Company in Morehead City,  Shortway Brewing Company in Newport and other places as well. 

Elaine does a great job hosting the nights, keeping the stage rotating with talent and always sharing kind words of each performer that graces the stage. The future burns bright for this young talented woman! Keep up to date with her by following her music page on Facebook:

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Down East FolkArts Society Meets

The Down East FolkArts Society has been representing the Folk Arts of Spoken Word, Song and dance while embracing and promoting these arts in our communities since they got started in 1994.

Over the last year, this established board of directors has undergone a lot of change. Now the group is operating under the direction of a new board which is being chaired by Charles McCurry. This singer-songwriter is familiar with the genre bring his vision of building communities with music to the table. Walking into the 2019 Season we will be bringing six acts to our area so to perform three shows during their stay in the area.

DEFAS 2019 Season

The first act we will be featuring is Tom Kimmel who makes his home in Hattiesburg, MS but hails from Alabama. He will be offering his songs to our area in mid-month, next month. Be sure to check back for a feature on him before his first show at The City Stage on Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

Back when the Society was established, this nonprofit organization that remains committed to Folk Arts, would drum up membership and sell tickets to the shows they sponsored. Those funds would in turn be used to support the artists that came to play. So many things have changed over the years with the live music scene.

A Brief History of the Live Music Scene

Back in the ’70s and ’80s bands were paid fairly for their talents by venues and promotes. In the ’90s a lot of things changed on the scene for two main reasons: First and foremost, there were more laws on the books, which is not a bad thing, but it cut into the bottom line and took a while to overcome. Luckily, for bar owners everywhere though, there was this invention of “homemade rock stars” we all know as KARAOKE! This invention shapeshifted the live music scene greatly. 

Bar owners could offer a night of entertainment that people loved because they were the stars, and it only cost them $100. Why pay a band $800? It becomes a legitimate question. So band prices dropped significantly in the local markets. Nonetheless, musicians still want to play so will forge through hard times. The new millennium offered the reinvention of the key to all popular street musician,  the tip jar. This trend started with passing the hat, now we just walk to the front of any stage and drop money in the tip jar.

The Road Ahead

Given that history and the trends of the times, this new board came to agree that doing away with paid membership would boost the interest and benefit the artists more. Having said that you are welcome to join the Down East FolkArts Society. You can do it easily enough by visiting

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Mid Week Blues Bonus

  • Big Jim Kohler
  • and his blues band offers the mid-week blues bonus for fans and friends.
  • This stringer offers the real deal blues known by way of Chicago.
  • His wife will preach the gospel
  • and set your soul straight for the rest of the week!

Big Jim Kohler has been offering the blues to friends and fans each Wednesday at The City Stage, 901 Pollock St., New Bern, since the start of November. This week the blues stringer was joined by blues harmonica player, Lee Tibbetts, bass player, Chris Buttitta and drummer, Tom Parks. In between their Chicago style blues offerings, comes Kohler’s bride Kathy Kohler, who offers the gospel of the delta players. 

Next week the duo will be on the road collecting their daughter from college for the upcoming holiday break! To stay informed be sure to like the band page on Facebook by following this link:

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Warriors Night at Nick’s

Nick’s Blacksheep Tavern offered a special night of music last night with Warrior’s Night. This event offered four Marine Veterans on one stage swapping stories and sharing their songs.



Making up the frontline for this event was Mike Corrado,
Anderson ElswickJP Guhns and  Matt Bowlin Each stringer shared stories and songs written during their time in service, These songs offered glimpses at the places they called home, included tales of their upbringing and family, as well as their time serving this great land. 

It was a moving night of great talent. Each player displayed their unique style. Most songs offered a country flavor but many styles were touched on throughout the night. Each performer has songs for sale. Be sure to click on each of their names to visit their page on Facebook. Like that page and visit their websites too

The host of this wonderful event was Nick’s Blacksheep Tavern which is owned by retired Marine, Nick Nichols. It was a great evening spent in the company of our nation’s heroes.  Here’s to hoping that we can have more music events like this!

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~ Live Music Options ~

Friday, December 14, 2018

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Getting Down Around Town

Merry Christmas from the City of Bears!


ArtWalk New Bern

Tonight marks the second Friday of the month which means New Bern celebrates ArtWalk. Please come to town and enjoy our shops, meet our talented artists, and enjoy the live music featured in venues around town. Speaking of music, Big Jim Kohler will be live at The Black Cat Shoppe located on Middle Street. 


Bank of the Arts/Craven Arts Council

Dayton Vesper will perform this evening at 
Craven Arts Council / Bank of the Arts this evening with music starting at 7 pm. Tonight’s program will include the following:

Prelude and Fugue in B-flat Major (from THE WELL-TEMPERED CLAVIER, Book I), BWV 866
Sonata in A-flat Major, Op. 110
Vers la flamme (Toward the flame), Op. 72
Etude in C-sharp minor, Op. 2, No. 1
Etude in D-sharp minor, Op. 8, No. 12
4) FRANZ LISZT (1811-1886)
Sonnet 104 of Petrarch
Scherzo in B minor, Op. 20



Ed Prophet will serve up the songs this evening at the James City. Live music is served from 7-10 pm. This show is free, but feel free to share the love with the players that move you. BrUtopia is located at 1201 Highway 70 East, New Bern, NC. Tomorrow night they will feature the sounds of Now or Never, a trio of music makers out of Beaufort. Come out and enjoy the freshest beer bing poured and support live music this weekend!


The Bruin 

The Bruin Craft Beer and Wine, 224 Middle St., New Bern offers live music each Friday by area artists who love sharing their songs. Tonight come out and dance to the sounds of Arlin Tart who will share music from 8-10:30 pm. This show is free. Come start the weekend with your favorite craft beer and live music.


The Brown Pelican


The Brown Pelican, 411 Broad St., opens it’s doors to local acts each week. Live music kicks off each Thursday with open mic. Sign up at 7 pm and music starts at 8 pm… All are welcome. On Friday they welcome awesome acoustic acts to entertain the crowd. On Saturdays, the bar is always rocking with the areas hottest bands.

Tonight it is local string Mike Watkins sharing songs from 7-10 pm. Tomorrow night you can catch the sounds of The Raucous Brothers sharing songs from 8-11 pm.


Blackbeard’s Triple Play


Blackbeard’s Triple Play Restaurant, 415 S Front St, offers live music each Friday and Saturday night on the deck. Tonight, offering the familiar sounds you love will be the rocking trio of Ravenz Bru. Music starts at 7:30 pm. Tomorrow night you can enjoy the fresh pop sounds of Push Play.

For more info please reach out and call the club at 252-635-0322.


City Stage


SMASH Studios & Fitness and City Stage New Bern team up to offer a fun night of dance. Come watch as Smash Girls wow you while performing on the lyra, cube, pole, and hammock tonight at City Stage! If you haven’t seen us yet trust me you are missing out! Christmas will never be the same!! 
$8.00 Gen. Admission
$10.00 Reservations
Tickets available at


Cruising The Coast


18056832_1430196340367710_6804669270684973360_n (1).png

Last Chance Wranglers will on stage at Cru Bar & Wine Store/ The Beaufort Coffee Shop. They will be sharing the songs you will love and want to dance to.This free music will be offered from 8:30-11:30 pm. Please feel free to tip those that serve you and the music makers that rock you!



Though there was no listing for live music tonight,
The Backstreet Pub, 124 Middle Ln, Beaufort, NC, will be a part of Claus Crawl, a festive town event for the holiday season. Come out for the Afterparty featuring  
Red & The Rockers offering the music and Beau Gro Food Truck offering the deliciousness. Music starts at the end of the Claus Crawl at 6 pm


Cedar Point

Carolina Home and Garden offers live music in the garden twice weekly on most weeks. Tonight you can enjoy the romance and magic of musical duo 4EverAll live from 6:30 -9:30 pm. Along with music to move you there is a fun store to shop, beer on tap for tasting and food on site to fill you. Come out and enjoy a night of food music and shopping tonight.


Treehouse Beer Company offers live music each weekend and tonight they bring New Bern singer and stringer Sam Lewis to town for the live entertainment sessions from the stage. Music will play from 7-10 pm. Tomorrow night you can enjoy the music of Jesse Esterline.


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Answering the Call

Checking things out around the rest of the region, I ask my Facebook followers each week where we can go to hear them play. This is what they said this week

December 10 at 5:36 PM

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