Last Night of Restrictions and Then No Curfew!

Last weekend we took our first steps in returning to “normalcy” with many restrictions lifted, weeks shy of the one year mark that everything was shut down. Friday was the first time that all small businesses were allowed to open their doors. The last night of restriction was Thursday evening.

The Stovall’s Bill and Will

That’s when we welcomed the Stovalls to Fairfield Harbour’s Harbour Pointe Bar and Grille

The Stovall’s and Steve Fortunato

Bill Stovall once was a member of our community. He told me that Margaret Rose of Neuse Realty sold him a home here many years ago. Interestingly enough, Rose sold my parents their property and would be instrumental in helping me get my first cleaning business off the ground in 2006. She too is a music maker, playing jazz standards with Harbour Jazz, a band founded here with Rose and trumpeter Bob Dumon.

NCMZ file photo Concerts in the park with Harbour Jazz featuring Margaret Rose on piano, Ann Sorocki singing to her husband Freddie.

I would meet this family in town in 2018 when Will Stovall performed a set under the tent on Middle St. for MumFest. During that trip I would meet both of his parents. Since then he lost his mom to cancer. That ordeal bonded the father and son as they grew closer with music.

Offering cover songs and original tunes, 18 year old Will Stovall hails from Greenville,NC.

After his mother passed, the younger Stovall taught to elder Stovall to play the guitar. Now they jam on the regular, mostly at open mics around the Greenville area. I enjoyed them so much I am going to ask them to come back for a concert in the park this Summer.

Will Stovall Music

Besides covering everyone from Elvis to most modern day bands, Stovall also writes his own music . Above is a song Stovall recently wrote. I noted while recording him, that he grows completely comfortable when performing his own songs. Stovall is a rather timid soul, but flies freely when playing the songs he wrote. It has been wonderful to watch him grow into the performer he has become.

We Stayed Out Til Midnight… It was Tough But We Did It

The Brown Pelican ReOpens its Doors

It was on purpose, that we made the dirty bird our first stop. Though I am not a big drinker, I am a huge supporter of bars that support live music. Heather Haiss and I became friends soon after I started this music blog.

The Brown Pelican, New Bern, NC

Back then, they were offering one night of music and hosted an open mic night. Over the years that would grow to watching it become a full on live music venue, offering music six days a week. With Mondays being one of their biggest nights.

Last weekend the music makers showed up to play for the customers, to make their return. On Friday Charlie Duzan shared songs and on Saturday evening Doc Paul provided the free entertainment.

Each Sunday, with good weather, Haiss has hosted fundraising Sunday sessions in the parking lot out back and these functions will continue. Big Jim Kohler hosts and tip buckets are out to support the Pelican and band.

Big Jim and Tracey Stones all proud of their blues

Let’s keep this in mind as we enter The Brown Pelican. The music is free, so please tip those music makers that are sacrificing their time to bring things back.

JAM time With Joey and Mason of Wilmington at Tap That

JAM as in Joey and Mason Music! Find it, follow it and support it!

Since we were hungry, we made our dinner spot Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar. Setting up for music was JAM a duo from Wilmington. As we made our approach, I was sure it was going to be a DJ spinning tunes because the event said:

Much to my surprise, as I entered the establishment, I saw some drums and microphones on the stage and got excited. As we settled in, I asked the players a few questions before it hit me…

I met these two players a few years ago when they first got together. They started out in Carteret County in 2018 and today they call Wilmington home.

Joey Rickman and Mason Spence are JAM.

I took a few minutes to talk to the duo as they set the stage for their performance. They told me the pandemic has been tough on them, but they used the time to write new material and tried to stay upbeat. I asked them to play some of their own music and here is one they wrote after being put in quarantine by our Government.

JaM original Music ©2020 Fake Roses

The duo can be found on all platforms. I found their latest release JaM on Spotify and enjoyed their newest songs while writing about them. Be sure to catch them soon. They host a weekly jam session at Burnt Mill Creek in Wilmington. Music is shared 8:00-11:00 PM.

Leaving Town Pit Stop for Mike McManus at BrÜtopia

On our way out of town, I stopped into BrÜtopia where I found Mike McManus sharing tunes from the music corner. Just as I entered he was finishing a song and announcing he’d be right back. I explained to McManus that I stopped to catch some sounds on my way through town, since I had never met him before.

This singer and stringer hails from Oak Island, NC, where he makes a home with his wife. He stays busy on the road playing through the Carolinas, offering a solid show with a large variety of music. Besides a long list of cover songs, McManus also offers some original songs. I asked him to share an original with me and he obliged.

McManus said was inspired to write this song “All American Made,” after the 911 Attacks moved his daughter to enlist in service to defend our land.

You can find this talented player on Facebook at Mike McManus Music. That is where you can find all his upcoming shows. This stringer is booking into the Summer season as we speak so if you need a one man band that offers a great variety, be sure to reach out soon.

Final Stop Adam Hill

It was agreed that we would end our night with some Adam Hill music, so after bouncing around New Bern we traveled out of town and headed for the coast to catch Hill at Riptidez in Cedar Point, NC.

Mary Shine, Jaymi Mitchell and yours truly

Not only am I a huge fan of this man’s music but so are my friends. He has the ability to move souls with his sounds. That is part of the healing powers of music. This is why music is so instrumental to life and living it.

Back in 2015, I started this blog as an excuse to go out and seek live music, because I was in the process of going through a painful divorce.

What’s Left by Adam Hill

On Friday evening I got to meet Mitch, who is a huge fan and supporter of live music. Adam Hill holds a special place in her heart I learned. While speaking with her on Friday night she told me that back when they met, over eight years go; she was going through some tough times. When she found herself on her own with her three kids and struggling to smile, Hill, who knew she loved music, saw to it that they could come to his shows. It became clear while speaking with her that she is an avid music supporter much like myself, and the many that roll around with me regularly. We all gather for many of the same reasons, to heal through music.

Mitch with music man Adam Hill

She expressed in a post how much Hill meant to her, because of how much he cares about his audience. This is definitely something I have seen first hand over the years. Hill is a compassionate man that is very interested in his fans, as they take an interest in him. He is a humble and kind soul. Yet behind a microphone he has the power to move you with his music. I have used his music to heal my own soul over the years and it does my mind good to hear him live often. If you haven’t seen Adam Hill perform, be sure to catch him soon. You will be glad you did.

Washington for the Win For Saturday Night

On Saturday night Mary and I headed up to Washington to check out the scene there. Our first stop was Ribeye’s of Washington, where we grabbed a delicious bite to eat and watched the “Ponytail Brothers” Phil McLean and Rob Legere. McLean has been rocking the scene for several years. I would meet Legere after the pandemic brought the talented keyboard player back home. They have been jamming together as a result of the virus uniting them. Before the lockdown, Legere was making a good living playing at a Dueling Pianos club in one of my favorite coastal cities, Savannah, GA.

The duo played familiar songs to the dinner crowd that gathered in the Angus Room. Both players are skilled musicians that enjoy sharing music with the audience. Tonight these two music brothers will join forces with Tony Soldati, on stage at AJ’s for a final show as The Hooligans. Another band by-product resulting from these quarantined times. With restrictions easing up and work returning, Legere is moving to Myrtle Beach in the days ahead, returning to a Dueling Pianos show for all to enjoy.


Afreyed Knot Rocks Captain Cooks

For our next stop we checked in on our friends Afreyed Knot, who were rocking the crowd good at Captain Cook’s last weekend.

The band has played very few gigs in the past year, but this past week lead singer Lynnette Bright has been busy booking shows for the band. She even has a few holidays secured in the books, with gigs lined up for Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July.

It was at an Afreyed Knot gig in Washington years ago that I met my music sister Susan Baugham. They were playing at The Rebel and it was just weeks before her wedding to her love Alfred. I have stayed in touch with Susan and the band since that fate filled night.

This family based band from Greenville features the Bright family, with father Taylor Bright on bass, son Pete Bright on lead guitar, vocals and keyboard, and mother Lynette Bright leading on vocals and assisting on keys. Also lending talent to the band are my buddy James Stroud on drums, Dea Smith providing harmony with her backing vocals, and Billy McRoy on guitar.

The band got together in March 2018 and have been playing around Washington and Greenville since. They have shows coming up in Ayden and Winterville soon too. To follow the band join their group on Facebook by clicking Afreyed Knot Fans.


On the patio at Parley’s Sip & Steam we met Clay Steinwinter, a local horn player who was offering sounds on his electric flute when I made my approach. The dinner crowd was basking in the warmth of a dry night in Eastern Carolina and the wonderful music that filled it. Steinwinter makes a great choice for dinner music. His music is mystically beautiful. Check out Steinwinter’s “I Can’t Believe It’s True”


Chuck Phillips Band at Market St Pub

It was just last week that I introduced you to Chuck Phillips and Sonny Fields, and this past weekend I ended my Saturday night with the full trio and got to hear them jam with their drummer Wes Toler.

This band is fun, professional and full of great songs to sing. Besides covering many genres and lots of other artists, these creatives offer music of their own. Here is a Sonny Fields original, “Ain’t Never Gonna Go”.

The band is getting ready to release a new effort put together in Phillips recording studio, Edgewater Studios on April 23, 2021. The new release is entitled Act I: Scene II and will be available on all music platforms for purchase. To keep up to speed, find the band on Facebook here: Chuck Phillips Music.


At a Glance Music by Susan Baugham

My good friend and fellow music supporting friend Susan Baugham and her husband Alfred are from Greenville. We met up last Saturday night for some music fun in Washington. They are just as excited about the news from the Governor’s office. Susan even stayed busy this week compiling data on upcoming shows, not just in the days ahead, but the weeks ahead as well. Here is what my music sister found for us, starting with tonight!

Music for this week and beyond plus daily events and disclaimer below:

Thursday 3/4

The Hooligans last show before Rob Legere moves to Myrtle Beach 8-11pm at AJ Mc Murphy’s, Greenville

Craig Woolard from the Embers for a Beach Music Party 8-11 at The Loft, Uptown Greenville

Friday 3/5

Scott Mueller 7-9 at Poppy’s Smokehouse, Winterville

Side Trac Band 7:30-10:30pm at Market Street Pub, Washington

Cierra Linton 8-11pm at Buccaneer Music Hall, Greenville

Chuck Phillips 8-11 at The Loft, Uptown Greenville

Island Bob 6-9pm at Parleys Sip and Steam, Washington

Pam and JB 7-10pm at Plank Road Steakhouse, Farmville

Mikele Buck 7:30 at Blackbeards, New Bern

Private event Ribeyes of Washington

Saturday 3/6
The Monterio Experience 8-11 at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

DJ Justin Rouse 8-11pm at Doghouse Tavern, Ayden

Mikele Buck 7:30 at Jacks on the Waterfront, Morehead City

Chuck Phillips Band 8-11pm at Buccaneer Music Hall, Greenville

Mason Jar Bonfire 8-11pm at Ribeyes, Washington

Tom Baker Band 7:30-10:30 at Market Street Pub, Washington

Bad Decisions Band 7:30-11 at Blackbeards Triple Play, New Bern

CC and Nannette: Voices Carry 6-9pm at Parlays Sip and Steam, Washington

Sunday 3/7

Dave Raducha 12-3pm at Parley’s Sip and Steam, Washington

Here is What’s Coming Up

Tuesday 3/9

JT Unplugged 7-10pm at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

Friday 3/12

JP Guhns Band 8-11 at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

Acoustic showcase William Seymour, Mackenzie Shelton, Patrick Reid, 7:30 pm at Molly’s Community Cafe, Uptown Greenville

Saturday 3/13

Eli Craig Band 8-11 pm at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

Afreyed Knot 8-11 pm at the Doghouse Tavern, Ayden

Jamal Cody, 8-11 pm at Molly’s Community Cafe, Uptown Greenville

Wednesday 3/17

Rebecca Todd and William Seymour 4pm St. Patrick’s Day parking lot party at Christys Euro Pub

St. Patrick’s Day party at AJ McMurphys Irish pub, live music to be announced

Thurs 3/18

Dueling Piano Show 7-11 at Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar, New Bern

Friday 3/19

Afreyed Knot Band 8-11pm at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

Acoustic Showcase Brian Burke, John Williams, and Island Bob at Molly’s Community Cafe, Uptown Greenville 8-11 pm

Saturday 3/20

John G. 8-11pm at AJ Mc Murphy’s, Greenville

94 East Showcase 8-11 pm at Molly’s Community Cafe, Uptown Greenville

Tuesday 3/23

Corey Stuart 7-10 at AJ Mc Murphy’s, Greenville

Friday 3/26

Afreyed Knot 7:30-10:30pm at Market Street Pub, Washington

Cooper Greer, Billy Craig +1 other person 8-11 at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

Acoustic Showcase Tan Sanders, JT Ackerman, +1 8-11 pm at Molly’s Community Cafe, Uptown Greenville

Island Bob 6-9 at Parleys Sip and Steam, Washington

Saturday 3/27

Gary Braddy 8-11 at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

Tuesday 3/30

Phil McLean 7-10 at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

Friday 4/2

Chuck Phillips Band 6:30-9:30pm at Backwater Jacks, Washington

Friday 4/30

Psylo Joe 7-10 pm at Local Oak Brewing Co., Winterville

Friday 5/7

The Still Shakers 7-10 pm at Local Oak Brewing Co., Winterville

Saturday 5/15

Signal Fire Duo 7-10 pm at Local Oak Brewing Co., Winterville

On the Regular Rotation

Every Monday
Rhythm & Grooves open mic hosted by John Williams at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

Every Wednesday
Open Mic at Molly’s Community Cafe, Uptown Greenville

Karaoke by Jeff Boyd aka/DJ Mook 5-10pm at THE PLACE, Washington

Karaoke 7:30-10:30 pm at Market Street Pub, Washington

Every Thursday
Karaoke by DJ Captain Morgan 8:30-11:30 pm at Buccaneer Music Hall, Greenville

Another thing worth noting, is that The Buccaneer Music Hall has a long history of booking country music acts only. The venue is now under new ownership and is interested in trying all varieties of music styles and genres. So if you have a band, be sure to reach out soon.

While I don’t know or recommend all these musicians I do recommend all these venues.
These are gigs that I have found or venues have sent me.
All musicians and times are subject to change.

Time to Pause for a Couple of Causes

Benefit for Penny Pearce at Tippett’s Mill THIS Saturday

Penny and Wayne Pearce

I met Penny Pearce a few weeks ago when I stopped out at Tippett’s Mill for Tommy Redd‘s Birthday celebration. This woman is the kindest and most gentle soul. She took care of me all night, and even looked after my leather coat. She is a gem to those that know her and this Saturday, many that love her will be gathering around her in support of raising money for her medical needs. Penny is battling cancer and her family needs our help. So if you are in the Zebulon area, please stop out to get your chicken plate, or hang out, buy tickets, make monetary donations in any amount, or just show up to hug this woman to give her the strength she needs for the journey ahead. She is a fighter and looking forward to kicking cancer’s ass.

As per a recent Facebook post, here is what I know. The event kicks off at 1 pm and according to her friend Dan, “C’mon everybody, let’s get out there and help our sweet little bartender Penny Brisson Pearce. You know she would do the same for you and probably has for someone you know. Come show some love and support for Penny. Large raffle for some awesome baskets. 50/50 raffle. Chicken Plates ready at 2pm for $8.00. Music is going to be all day with some of your local favorites and guests. This is going to be awesome!!! Penny is always willing to help anyone and now it’s our turn to do something nice for her.”

A Project Cause

Late last Summer I walked into my best friend’s house and was mortified by what I found. This is a story that has been unfolding since that fateful August day.

It’s a story of poverty and pride as much as it is about love and respect.

The two men pictured above are Veteran brothers. You might have heard me mention them before without naming them. The older brother is the one standing in black, Robert Walker. In the wheel chair next to him sits his brother, Michael Williams.

Walker is not some stranger off the street to me. In fact he means the world to me. He is my best friend and partner in business. Besides working in the house cleaning business together, Walker assists me with editing this blog each week.

I have known this hard working, stoic man for nearly 8 years. For as long as I have known him, he has been quiet and guarded, yet loyal and true.

When Walker told me his brother need help with his phone, I was not expecting everybody’s life to change after I crossed the threshold into his reality, but that is exactly what happened. Now it’s six months later and I am still on a mission to lift these veteran brothers up to living their best life. I am asking for help via a GoFundMe Campaign which you can read and donate here: Lifting Two Veteran Brothers.

November 2020 Veteran Benefit Concert with New Bern’s Third Degree Bern

I am also going to host concerts over the next several months to help raise money for their needs on their new road ahead. If you have a band and would like to help by playing please reach out to me. My email is

Live Music Options

Cruisin’ County by County

In the hopes of always keeping things fresh and new, here is a new run down of live music for the days ahead, county by county.

Beaufort County


Island Bob Live at Parley’s Sip & Steam this Friday, March 5, 2021 with tunes playing 6-9 pm.


Musicians Open Mic Night this Friday night at Captain Cooks. All are welcome to come jam tomorrow evening. Live music is offered 7-10 pm.


The Side Trac Band will be rocking Market Street Pub this Friday night with tunes being offered 7:30-10:30 pm.



Mason Jar Bonfire will be on hand in the Angus Room to provide Saturday evening’s music at Ribeyes of Washington. Music is on the menu from 8-11 pm.


Maverick Rose

Maverick Rose will be rocking Captain Cooks this Saturday night! Everyone is invited to come early for a good dinner and stay late for the music Music is offered 6-10 pm.


Tom Baker & The Wild Country Band will provide the music this Saturday, from the stage at Market Street Pub in downtown Washington, NC. Music plays 7:30-10 pm.

Brunswick County


Scott Riley will perform tomorrow evening at The Joyce. At press time the event said that the music plays from 6-9 pm.



The Beasley Brothers will perform live this Saturday at The Joyce from 6-9 pm.

Carteret County


JP Guhns Band will be rocking the E-Club this Friday night with music starting at 8 pm.


4EverAll is on the schedule for Friday night fun at Bogue Sound Distillery. Check them out this Friday from 7-10 pm. Serving up the tasty food will be Meraki Mediterranean Food Truck.


The RV Road Show will perform live at Promise’ Land Market this Friday, with music being offered 8-11 pm.


Barefoot Wade will offer music for patrons at Boro Restaurant and Bar this Friday evening from 7-10 pm.



Mythic Brewing at Cedar Point will host The RV Road Show duet this Saturday evening, March 6 with tunes being shared 6-10 pm.


Robert McDuffy Live & Salty Sistas Food Truck
this Saturday, March 6 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
at Bogue Sound Distillery.


Velvet Rodeo will offer the live music this Saturday evening at Promise Land Market, with tunes being shared from 8-11 pm.


Craven County


Brian Burke, aka The Back Pocket Buddha is a talented singer and stringer from Greenville, NC, who will be in Fairfield Harbour to offer the supper songs tonight at Harbour Pointe Bar & Grille. This will be a great night of fun music. Music is now being served from 7-11 pm. Come out and enjoy a fine meal and good music each Thursday evening. This establishment is open to the public, so come out and show some love tonight. When you get to the gate, ring the call box and tell the guard you are heading to Harbour Pointe.


Big Jim & Kathy Kohler sing the blues each Thursday upstairs in the Whiskey Bar at Prohibition. Music is offered 7-10pm.



Traveling guitar man, Ryan Rubich comes to New Bern to share songs this Friday night. He will be serving up the sounds at BrÜtopia 7-10 pm.


Charlie Duzan will bring the music to the Brown Pelican this Friday evening. Stop in and show some music love from 7-10 pm. They are open til 11 pm!


Mikele Buck rocks the deck at Blackbeard’s Triple Play this Friday evening 7-11 pm.


Tommy Duzan will rock the stage at Tap That Craft Beer & Wine Bar this Friday. Music and fun starts at 7:30 pm and ends by 11 pm.



Rocker Marron Chaplin

Marron Chaplin will perform at Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar this Saturday, March 6, 2021. This rocker will be in town with her band to share the popular songs and some original music too. Live music 7:30-11 pm.


Bad Decisions Band will offer all fun hits that groove you this Saturday night, on the deck at Blackbeard’s Triple Play Restaurant. Music is offered 7-11 pm.



Open Mic Night is each Sunday aTap That Craft Beer & Wine Bar. The stage is open to all levels of talent from 7-10 pm. Hosted by Sam Lewis, who invites everyone to come out and shine.

Guilford County


Shoot To Thrill and Stone Whisky split the bill to rock you into the weekend this Friday night at The Blind Tiger. Doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 8 pm.



Them Dirty Roses and Shakey Deville will rock the room this Saturday night, March 6, 2021 at The Blind Tiger. Doors open at 6 PM and Show starts at 7 PM.


Johnston County

Kevin Kelly (above). Music will be on tap this Friday at Deep River Brewing Company, 700 W Main St, Ste 102 Clayton, NC. Live music this Saturday by AshlarSargent, (below) will be the featured entertainment. All music is offered from 6-9 pm.

Mecklenburg County


Michael Lowe performs an acoustic show this Friday at Carolina Beer Temple Charlotte from 6:30-10 pm.



Saturday 7 PM
Piedmont Social House

Join us for Live Music on the Patio
Friday, March 5. 7-10 pm
Live music is rain or shine. No cover charge!



Equilibrium Weekend continues on this Saturday at Carolina Beer Temple Charlotte with live music being offered by Kris Atom. 6:30 – 10:30 PM/


New Hanover County


Perry Smith is on tap to provide the music for those hanging out at Wrightsville Beach Brewery, with tunes being poured from 6-9 pm.



Friday Night you can catch the Michael Frusha Trio live at
Wild Wing Cafe. Music plays 8-11 pm.



Stephen Gossin Trio will perform LIVE at the WINGS this Saturday, serving sounds from 8-11 pm.


Live Music w/ David Dixon
Wrightsville Beach Brewery.

Onslow County


Freeway will be coming to Jacksonville and sharing grooves this Saturday, to celebrate 5 YEARS of good times at Nick’s Blacksheep TavernFun starts at 5 pm. Live music 8-11 pm.

Pender County


The talented stringer and singer Ryan Rubich has a show tonight at Unwined, with tunes being served from 5-8 pm.



Josh Youse provides the music at UnWINEd this Friday, March 5, 2021 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm.



Timothy Biggs will be on hand to play at UnWINEd this Saturday evening 5:30-8:30 pm.


The RV Road Show brings the music to Surf City this Sunday, Join them at UnWINEd.


Ryan Rubich will perform this Sunday, March 7, 2021 at Salty Turtle Beer Company 4-7 PM.

Pitt County


The Hooligans will perform a FINAL SHOW this Thursday evening 8-11pm at AJ McMurphy’s this Thursday, March 4, 2021.



Friday nights offer an acoustic showcase of entertainment. Three acoustic artists from Eastern North Carolina playing LIVE at Molly’s Community Café this Friday March 5, 2021!
Tyler Hagen, Maddy Eakes, Billy Smith will be rocking out Friday night from 7-10 pm. All ages are welcome.


The Monterio Experience Trio will perform 4-7 pm at Christy’s Euro Pub this Friday, for Greenville’s First Friday Celebration.


Cierra Linton will perform at Buccaneer Music Hall this Friday night, sharing songs 8-11 pm.



Monterio Experience will provide the party sounds this Saturday at AJ McMurphy’s, with sounds being served from 8-11 pm.


Live music at Buccaneer Music Hall this Saturday will feature the Chuck Phillips Band. Music starts at 8 PM. Cover charge is $8.00! Pay the cover and support live music.

Wake County


Hello from Larry and The Bean Open Mic!!!!! Our next Open Mic at The Fainting Goat Fuquay-Varina will be Thursday March 4, from 6:30-10:30 pm. With the start of the new year we are starting a new feature event for bands. Once a month we will give a band a 30 Min slot to play their music. We are looking for Acoustic, solo artist and song writers to step up and play your music as well. Yes we are a Blues based Open Mic, but we want all forms of music. You play it we want to hear it. Thanks for your time.
Larry and The Bean
Fainting Goat Brewing Company, Fuquay-Varina
330 S Main St, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526
All Back line will be in place Drums, Bass and Guitar including Amps.



Belly Dancing will be the theme of the night this Friday with JiJi dancing, live at Sophie’s Bar and Grill this Friday 8-11 pm.


Scooters Grill and Bar has Jason Adamo & Doug Casteen on stage to provide the music this Friday from 7-11 pm.


Garland Mason brings the music to Wild Wing Café Raleigh this Friday evening. He will be sharing popular songs from 8-11 pm.



Epic Nights will return to Sophie’s Bar and Grill this Saturday evening. Music is serve 8-11 pm.


Live & Local with Kevin Laurencelle at Wild Wings Café this Saturday from 8-11 pm.


 KTZ will be on stage and rocking Scooter’s Bar and Grill this Saturday evening from 6:30-10:30 pm.


454 Band will be the band rocking Saints and Scholars Pub this Saturday evening with music being offered 6-10 pm.

Wayne County


New Bern’s own Ed Prophet offers the live grooves from the bar at The Village Steakhouse tonight with music starting at 7 pm.


Halen Sykes offers the supper show tonight at Up North Pizzeria in Goldsboro. Music is served 6-9 pm.



Jackson Frederick will be sharing songs this Friday, March 5 at Barrique. Music is served 7-10 pm.


This Friday Nick Britt will play the music at Up North Pizzeria from 6-9 pm.



Jackson Frederick will be sharing songs this Saturday, March 6, 2021 at UpNorth Pizza, with sounds being served 6-9 pm.



Jimmy Deve will bring the Brunch Music to The Flying Shamrock this Sunday morning. The music starts at 11 am and concludes at about 3 pm. The menu is awesome and mimosas are bottomless.

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If you have an upcoming show you’d like me to share here send me an email to and I’ll try to include your show.

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