Kicking it at the Close of 2018

On the Scene With Tracey Stones

Happy New Year. I am glad we made it through 2018 and look forward to tackling 2019 as a team as well! Hopefully, everyone had a safe and joyous New Year!

To be honest, most years I think to myself, “Oh New Year, new start,” and not much ever changes. This year I never thought much about it and here it is the most revolutionary of all the New Years, since I started reporting on music around the state.

From this perspective, 2018 was one of serious personal growth and not much prosperity. To be honest, I have been in limbo for the last six month. I had a bit of a personal storm blow through my life and it resulted in upsetting many things, long before Florence was a thing to talk about. So with it all being said and done…good riddens!

2019 starts with big news and big changes in the life of two bloggers. With accepting the Marketing Director and Ad Sales Executive position for NC Life Media, I look forward to meeting lots of people as we help them promote their business in the community and beyond.

The most exciting part of this position is the ability to offer our advertisers so many platforms to help them grow. We are ready to offer three stages for business development. We can offer our advertisers affordable radio, print and online exposure.

If you have a business and look for new ways to get the word out to people about your products, please, contact me today 318-789-6929 and we can build an effective and affordable marketing plan for the year ahead!


Blogger Returns to the Beat

,After 11 days with fever and 13 days of rest, on Saturday, December 29, 2018, I made my way back to the scene, just in time for the year-end wrap up around town.

I started things off with stopping by to visit my friends at BrUtopia, where I enjoyed the sounds of the sweet Sabra Mason. I met this talented soul at an open mic night in Newport a couple of months ago and have enjoyed hearing her several times since.

Our mutual friend Tiffany Elaine introduces her as the Reba McIntyre of our region. Offering a great variety of pop and country songs, she can go gospel and sing the blues too. Besides covering popular songs, the artist is a songwriter in her own right. To learn more visit her page on Facebook.

Sabra Mason Musician


Bad Decisions Band Rocked the Deck at Blackbeard’s

Blackbeard’s Triple Play offered a new band for the crowd to welcome, the last Saturday of 2018! On the deck and making ’em dance was the Bad Decisions Band from the Smithfield area.

The fun party band boasts two lead singers and offers a variety of popular songs for the audience. With most of the focus on Southern rock and country selections, they had the crowd boot scooting before finishing their first set. They kept the good times rolling, until they wrapped up their debut on S Front St.

Mark your calendars now if you missed it, because venue owner Dale Overbee will have them back for another New Bern night on Saturday, February 2.

Come dance like a groundhog and have some fun! Free music is offered 7:30-11 pm on the deck and later rocking inside the walls of the downtown bar and restaurant!

The band line up includes Shane Norris, Valerie Boyette, who swap in offering the lead and backing vocals, Clay Benson, plays the acoustic strings, Matt Starling is lead on electric strings, Rebekah Martin offers keyboard riffs, Ben Hayes hiding out in the back but adding the bottom beats on bass and behind the kit, Zach Pleasant. This traveling band offers a fun night of entertainment for any crowd that likes to cut up.

They will be playing around other areas in the region as well in the weeks ahead. Be sure to like their band page and check out their upcoming Facebook events.


Bryan Mayer Closes Out Busy Year Close to Home

Without much notice and word came the news that Bryan Mayer would perform the last Saturday of the year in town at The Brown Pelican. Joining the singer and stringer with bongo beats and backing vocals was Mayer’s longtime friend Critty Robinson.

Offering all of the fan favorite grooves that keep the popular country artist and CCMA Male Vocalist of the Year in the spotlight. A packed house at the Dirty Bird enjoyed the show!

The Brown Pelican has been a big supporter of live music since opening their doors. They offer an open mic every Thursday, with sign up at 7 pm and music starting at 8 pm. Fridays offer the best in regional acoustic acts. Free music plays 7-10 pm. Saturdays bring the best in the bands who rock you each week from 8-11 pm.

Fans and friends who missed him last week can find Bryan Mayer along the Crystal Coast tonight. He will offer his first acoustic show at Promise’ Land Market. Music plays 8:30 – 11:30 pm.

For fans and friends who wish to see the full band in their best element, be sure to order tickets for the CMMA’s on January 26, 2019. This event will be held at The House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Tickets are just $25 for this fun night of amazing Carolina based Country music. To be on hand for that buy your tickets here:


New Bern Had Something for Everyone on NYE

The City’s first-ever “Bear Drop” took place at midnight on Monday night/Tuesday Morning in front of the City Hall to ring in the New Year. This amazing event was made possible thanks to Toyota of New Bern and the hard-working people at City of New Bern Parks and Recreation Department. Together they organized the City’s first ever NYE Block Party.

A lot of spontaneous and last minute hard work brought our city the best ever NYE celebration in the town’s recent history. The night-long event opened to the public at 5 pm and offered food and drink vendors, a big stage featuring two live music acts and a bear drop from the corner of the clock tower at the top of City Hall.

Sitting in the studio for the New Bern and Beyond Podcast, which will air Monday when the topic came up, I asked Colleen Roberts if they did many rehearsals for the timed drop and she assured me they did. Be sure to tune in to hear about other behind the scenes fun facts.

On the stage and providing the entertainment for the evening was Adam Pitts, a talented solo act the offers a full band sound with a few mixers and settings on the pedals. The Raleigh based singer welcomed the crowd to the stage, on Pollock St. just after 6 pm. The free event was well received by the citizens and many visitors in attendance.

On stage and rocking the party beats from 9 pm until the midnight countdown we enjoyed Love Tribe, another Raleigh based band that offered a fun and diverse set of music to keep the crowd excited.

Just before the stroke of midnight, Mayor Dana Outlaw came to the stage and thanked the crowd, as we all counted down the final seconds together.

Besides the big block party in town, I bounced about and found lots of other parties taking place in all corners of New Bern.


At The City Stage

The City Stage offered Drag to Riches. This entertaining night featured Madame Z and her Divas, who provide comedy song and dance as they engage the crowd.


The Bears Played the Elks Club

I found New Bern’s favorite oldies band, The Bears rocking with the youngsters that gathered for a fun night of dinner and dance at the Elks Lodge.

The crowd enjoyed the music and the Bears enjoyed their audience. Giving away prizes and engaging their friends, everyone enjoyed the night at the Elks Lodge.

To keep up with The Bears Band on Facebook, visit their page and give it a like to keep up to dates with show announcements.


3 Day Weekend Rocks Monette J G Grocery ~ A NYE Tradition

For as long as they have been doing it, local rockers 3 Day Weekend have played New Year’s Eve at Monette’s J G Grocery. This tradition started when they formed 14 years ago. This fun time is an affordable $10 and offers and community setting complete with food for all and beverages sold on site.

The New Bern based rockers always fill the dance floor, just like they always close out New Year’s Eve on Free Bird, a classic southern rock anthem by Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Peace Soldier At The Brown Pelican

Speaking of classic rock, Peace Soldier was offering the classic rock grooves at The Brown Pelican. No photos were taken as the band was rocking the crowd in the dark.

I wish every band that sets up at the Brown Pelican would take note of the brown cord beneath the wall outlet. Don’t be shy, plug that cord in so that the lights can shine on you and people can see your faces! Dan Jam Phillips helped rig those lights three years ago and they are very useful. Please use them if you play there!

Turning the spotlight back on classic rockers Peace Soldier, they will be part of a fun event that will raise money for those effected by Hurricane Florence.

Interestingly enough, each of the band’s on this bill can tell you of their significant losses and share their story of the flood that tried to defeat us. Headliners, Strung Together are the family band that lost their home on E Front Street to the named storm. They are excited to be moving back into the dwelling to continue renovations later this month.

Lead singer and founding member of Peace Soldier, Robert Hurff, was rescued from his dwelling as the water entered his living space. Two of the players in The Hot Buttered Grits saw the river rush through their homes as well. And opening the show tomorrow at the Turnage Theater is The Neuse River Ramblers, a band featuring banjo player Danny Batten, who suffered severe damage to his store Surf Wind & Fire, located on Middle St in Downtown New Bern.

All will gather on one ticket for the 6th Annual Guitar Fest, a free show for any who wish to attend. Please consider bringing a considerable donation, as this is a fundraising event and this year the money raised will be filtered back into New Bern for Hurricane Relief. Your help is still very much much needed!

Music starts at 4 pm! Hope to see you there.


Irresistible Groove & Masquerade at Blackbeard’s Triple Play & The Farmer’s Market

Blackbeard’s Triple Play hosted a fun night featuring a masquerade party. Given this fun option, many towns people showed up to town with their masks

The band hired for the night played on stage a the Farmers Market. Irresistible Groove offered a fun music experience for the masked dancers that gathered for the good times. The Triangle-based party band made it irresistible for people to groove, hence the fitting name.

When not rocking the grooves with this band, a few of the members gather to offer Groove5band. I recommend you look for and like both band pages on Facebook.

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~ Live Music Options ~

Friday, January 4, 2019

β™₯  β™₯  β™₯  β™₯

Getting Down Around Town


BrÜtopia offers the fresh beer and fun sounds of stinger and singer, Irish Robinson. The new dad will be jamming from 7-10 pm. Come groove to music to start off your weekend


Checking things out downtown, The Bruin Craft Beer and Wine is where we find Reylando Monero live on stage, offering the live music 8-10:30 pm.


The Brown Pelican


The Brown Pelican hosts the acoustic grooves of Gene Gregory serving the sounds from 7-10 pm. Free music is never free and neither is the gas to get there, please tip the music makers that you meet.


Blackbeard’s Triple Play


Blackbeard’s Triple Play Restaurant, 415 S Front St, hosts the Monterio Experience. Live music on the deck is offered 7:30-11 pm. If they move the band indoors, music starts at 9 pm and plays til midnight.

For more info please reach out and call the club at 252-635-0322.


The City Stage will be closed this weekend!


Cruising the Crystal Coast

Cedar Point, NC


Adam Hill will offer the live music at Riptidez Bar & Grill this evening with live music starting at 9 pm.


It’s the Will & Tony Show appearing live all weekend at Treehouse Beer Company Catch the fun duo offering live music from 7-10 pm tonight or tomorrow night. They play the classic rock and blues favorites you love. 


Beaufort, NC

Cru Bar & Wine Store/ The Beaufort Coffee Shop offers NΓΌttbrΓ«d, Fri Jan 4th, 9 PM- 1 AM, $3 Cover

NΓΌttbrΓ«d is one of our most favorite local rock bands, featuring front-woman, Kayla Lewis. They do a variety of classic rock, blues, soul and contemporary. You will hear songs spanning from Led Zeppelin to Radiohead and more.
Please come see this band!


Tiffany Elaine has teamed up with local musicians and songwriters Steve Mehan and Fernando Rivera, for a sound no one has heard before forming the band, everyone is talking about Now Or Never.

This blend of folk, rock, modern alternative, classic rock, and pop is a sound for the ages, you don’t want to miss!

Elaine is a BMI songwriter and CMA member. She performs solo shows and with her band in NC and beyond.

Tonight the trio will offer a show for the people that come to Clawson’s 1905 Restaurant & Pub. Music starts at 5:30 pm.


Rocking Around the Region

β™₯  β™₯  β™₯  β™₯

Answering the Call

Checking things out around the rest of the region, I ask my Facebook followers each week where we can go to hear them play. This is what they said this week

January 2 at 5:57 PM

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Do You Like Live Music Videos? Check out my Live Stream Page on Facebook.

Tracey Stones Live on Facebook

More events around the region:

Events on Facebook


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