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You hear me say it all the time, “Free music is never free.”  Here is more news, this free music blog is not free either. It costs money to host the site, to fill the truck with gas. And it takes quite a bit of time to follow and cover the music and then write these entries each week.

It’s actually my dream to deliver it daily. The only thing stopping me is the funding necessary to support that dream. Writing and supporting the local and live music scene has many benefits for bands and venues. This has been noted in my work with this blog. I am touched that people are relying on this site as a source for live music news. That is its greatest intent. I use social media to expand my field but having this blog took those music promotions to a new level in North Carolina and more specifically in my town of New Bern, NC.  Social media works, but believe it or not it is a hit or miss market like most media markets.

 In 2015, I published my first music blog on this site and I have been chasing music for this site all around North Carolina ever since. It is my greatest passion at work. My background is strong in music journalism and band management. I am now advancing to the next level and ready to generate ads for this site, seek sponsors, acquire Patreons and build this site. This will help fuel my work in building a stronger music community.


I would like to keep this a free site supported by advertisers and contributors. For that, I am relying on my village of supporters to rise up so that we can keep growing our music community. The content on this site takes a lot of my personal time and dedication to a music!  Please consider supporting my efforts today. You can do it any number of ways. Advertise here, become a sponsor of this site, sign up to become a Patreon or just hit the little yellow button below or using this link:

Thank you for your support!

~ Tracey Stones.