Big Week for Big Jim and a Fun Weekend For Music Fans

On the Scene With Tracey Stones It was a big week for Big Jim Kohler Band as they opened a show for Joanne Shaw Taylor at The State Theatre on Friday evening! Above I pose with the secret weapon after she slayed it! Memorial Day Remembrance and The Blues Blues at The Brown Always A Blast! It [...]

Another Fun Week Logged In The Books with Music Memories

On The Scene With Tracey Stones It was another fun week that got logged in the books, with music made memories, complete with good friends. Above from left to right, music appreciators Mary Spruill, Tracey Stones, and April Sunshine enjoy Blues Night at The Brown Pelican. Rolling Thru the Week We Jam The Blues A [...]

Recapping The Music Fun and A Look Ahead

On the Scene With Tracey Stones It was a busy and productive weekend for these two rocker chicks.  Mary Shine took the lead on Friday night as we roamed around New Bern and cruised to the coast before heading back and closing out the night in Havelock. I took the wheel for our Saturday adventures [...]

Singing and Dancing at Jams Throughout the Week

This Music Business... Class Is In Band Business Development Once you decide that you are going to approach your band like a business, the next step is to figure out what your needs are so that you know how much you need to earn to meet those needs. Many performers forget a few key expenses in this [...]

Saturday Night We Rocked and The Week Rolled with Jams and Jammers!

On the Scene with Tracey Stones Saturday night rocked and we rolled through the week with jams and jammers. We rocked the scene in New Bern on Saturday and kept it around town throughout the week as well ∴∴∴∴ Marron Chaplin Offers Popular '80s and 90s Rock with her Baby Blue Six String Have you [...]

New Music Makes New Bern Fun To Visit

Behind the Scene With Tracey Stones New music was found around New Bern; making for a fun theme today!   Adam Hill Music Airs on Television and NCMZ is on the Scene   When Adam Hill posted an event for his debut television engagement, I accepted his invitation to co-host the event and then cleared [...]

Monday Thru Friday We Groove

On The Scene with Tracey Stones   Big Jim Jams a Trio of Gigs this Week Big Jim Kohler was busy with jams and jives this week. Our local bluesman was found around town with his guitar in hand three times last week.   Blues at the Brown Pelican   While I am busy teaching [...]

Mid-Week Jams and Music Around New Bern

On The Scene With Tracey Stones On the Scene with the blues band Big Jim Kohler Irish Music Jam Makes for a Fun Tuesday The first Tuesday of the month offered Irish Music Sessions with Simon Spalding and Friends. This jam played from 7-9 pm at The City Stage. Celebrating the Chinese New Year with Irish music [...]