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Behind the Scenes with Tracey Stones

On Friday morning I saw a Facebook post that announced Bryan Mayer was going to be a guest in the studio at Charles Tendell Studios, for an appearance on New Bern Live. When I saw the post, I mentioned that I wanted to be there.

New Bern Live’s Cheryl McCarthy talks with promoter Kim Briele and Country Artist Bryan Mayer and Party Crasher Tracey Stones joined the conversation!

About 12 minutes into the show,  I stopped by the studio and jumped in to talk about the special guest, local country crooner and CCMA 2018 Male Vocalist of the Year Bryan Mayer.

It has been a very exciting year for the country singer, that kicked off the year at the CCMA Awards, held at The House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Having been there for those moments in the singer-songwriter’s career, I wanted to share my angle with the world.

Bryan Mayer 2018

The whole reason one might become a blogger is, this obsession with telling the fun stories of people’s lives. I was invited to this awards show at the last minute, earlier this year and accepted the opportunity. It was another fun night with the national country band New Bern considers their own.

Years before Florence ever put New Bern on the map, Bryan Mayer had us ranked on the National Country Charts, thanks much in part to his fans requesting to hear his song, “This is Me.” on the radio! Truly a dream come true.

That song put this son of a US Marine Corps Colonel and a Navy nurse on a country road that has been good to him ever since. This year and just weeks ago, that hit song was released as a Karaoke selection for the Sound Choice Karaoke Catalogs. The talented singer-songwriter was on hand for the big release during a party at The Brickhouse in Raleigh last month.

Currently, Bryan Mayer Band has a new single for sale and request on the radio. You can buy “Crazy In Love,” at all of the popular spots. Google, Apple, Spotify, etc.  Please visit the website to read all about this artist who is tall on giving back to his community!


The band will perform again at the CCMA, as they position themselves for more recognition on the country charts in 2019.

2019 CCMA Commercial

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 Swapping Ideas With Stingers and Singers

My mission in this music business is to create communities everywhere. The goal in doing this is to create a healthier music community with fair pay stages in communities near in far. Partnering with community leaders to make opportunities happen for music makers and venues that support them.

One of the reasons I got back into this business is, because of the fun creative process involved behind the scenes of the business. They say if you do what you love for a living, you will never work a day in your life. I love working with bands and showing them how to set themselves up as a business. Thing is, most bands get together with the intent of having fun and making some money. If you put a lot of time into it, you will need to make money from your craft to support it. Given that it is essential for bands to establish themselves as a professional unit leaving the gate!

Rubich & Cain

When Ryan Rubich reached out about meeting with me, we finally connected the other night when I rolled into Jacksonville. We grabbed a bite to eat and enjoyed some good conversation about the music business. I am available to do this with anyone who is serious about creating their niche in the business. Of course most bands approach me on the hope and thought that I would consider being an agent. I am a promoter and a writer. I am a separate entity all my own, who is creating opportunities for everyone who goes out in support of live music.

It was not long ago that Rubich teamed up with Jared Cain and he was interested in hearing some insight on where they could bring the project. For anyone interested in checking out the duo, they will be rocking the Salty Turtle Beer Co. next Saturday from 6-9 pm.

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~ Live Music Options ~

Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Getting Down Around Town


Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter just opened their largest store here in New Bern, NC. To celebrate they will host live music today in the bar from 3-6 pm, featuring the sounds of Charlotte performer, Greg Lilley! The new Harris Teeter is located on Highway 17 in New Bern.


Fairfield Harbour Community

Tracey Stones Productions and, invite you to take a break from the holiday shopping and enjoy some fun times with friends and neighbors. We will welcome Maris-Hella Fat Food Truck and The Dust Parade at the Community Center for a pre-holiday gathering.

Cooking up the delicious food will be one of this community’s favorites, Maris-Hella Fat Food truck will serve up the food and The Dust Parade will offer the live entertainment.

All residents and their guests are welcome to attend. There is a suggested $10 donation per person to pay the band. If you feel generous, they will also have products for sale in time for the holidays. Including jewelry made from Hank Barbee’s guitar strings, a variety of shirts and CD’s all for sale. Please support live music.

 The Dust Parade

This event is for residents of Fairfield Harbour and their friends and it will take place at The Fairfield Harbour Community Center, located at 585 Broad Creek Road, New Bern. Doors open at 6:30 pm and music play 7-10! Come dance and enjoy a sweet treat with friends and neighbors!



Now or Never will serve up the songs this evening in James City. Live music is offered from 7-10 pm. This show is free. But feel free to share the love with the players that move you. BrUtopia is located at 1201 Highway 70 East, New Bern, NC. Tonight’s entertainment features a trio of friends from the Crystal Coast. Now or Never, features Tiffany Elaine, Fernando Rivera, and Steve Mehan. They are an original act that offers fresh pop material with country flair and rap overtones!


The Brown Pelican


The Brown Pelican, 411 Broad St., opens it’s doors to local acts each week. Live music kicks off each Thursday with open mic. Sign up at 7 pm and music starts at 8 pm… All are welcome. On Friday they welcome awesome acoustic acts to entertain the crowd. On Saturdays, the bar is always rocking with the areas hottest bands.

Tonight it is the sounds of The Raucous Brothers sharing songs from 8-11 pm.


Blackbeard’s Triple Play


Blackbeard’s Triple Play Restaurant, 415 S Front St, offers live music each Friday and Saturday night on the deck.  Music starts at 7:30 pm. Tonight you can enjoy the fresh pop sounds of Push Play.

For more info please reach out and call the club at 252-635-0322.


City Stage


Madame Z and The Pollock Street Drag Divas are back for another unique and unforgettable evening of Fun! It’s an evening you don’t want to miss! The crowd is always diverse and fun-loving and the mood is sublime!

Doors open at 5 pm with food and drinks available. The show starts at 8 pm

The City Stage New Bern is located at 901 Pollock St., New Bern, NC.

Reserved Seating and General Admission Tickets are available at:


Cruising The Coast


18056832_1430196340367710_6804669270684973360_n (1).png

Chupacabras (De Le Rosa) will on stage at Cru Bar & Wine Store/ The Beaufort Coffee Shop

Chupacabras (De Le Rosa)


Sat Dec 15th 9PM-1, $3 Cover charge.



The Backstreet Pub, 124 Middle Ln, Beaufort, NC, will be a part of Claus Crawl, a festive town event for the holiday season. Come out for the After-party featuring Red & The Rockers, offering the music and Beau Gro Food Truck offering the deliciousness. Music starts at the end of the Claus Crawl at 6 pm


Cedar Point

Treehouse Beer Company offers live music each weekend and tonight they bring singer and stringer Jesse Esterline to the stage. Come out tonight between 7-10 pm for the live entertainment sessions from the stage.


Surf City, NC

JM’s Place PUB offers the rocking sounds of Adam Hill Band, live tonight with music starting at 9 pm.


Rocking Around the Region

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Answering the Call

Checking things out around the rest of the region, I ask my Facebook followers each week where we can go to hear them play. This is what they said this week

December 10 at 5:36 PM

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