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I have nothing to hide. I live my life out loud. I stay true to my word and I always hope that people will act better tomorrow, including my hormonal self. Fact is, last May I made decisions to upset the apple cart and follow my dreams. After 5 years of planning and working with Robert Walker, I decided to be a B L O G G E R!

This man, he walked into my life and stayed by my side for years and years. He showed up for work on time every day and was usually always waiting for me to get it together. So patiently, he stood by me during an emotional separation and even crazier divorce, where I decided to upstart my business, so to change my life.

As I healed, I did so in trying to help others, as that is my nature. In 2013 I returned to the board of directors for Promise Place and by 2014, I was the Chair for the board…that proved too overwhelming for me and I still Thank God for the day I returned to the board and saw now Maj. David McFadyen sitting at the table. He would step up and Chair the board after I stepped down and away from my work at Promise Place. I still remain as a volunteer, and as for David, he will be replaced in his role as Board President next month. I still celebrate his work in our community in helping Promise Place do their best work for our community members in need of their service.

During those days you could find Breeze and I feeding the homeless and learning how to be better advocates for children who might be suffering from sexual violence. His motorcycle club sat with Carolyn Wynne and me one Sunday afternoon to become Guardians of Light thru the Darkness to Light platform.

After being an advocate for sexual abuse survivors proved too emotional to this survivor, I started advocating for my truest passion, music and music makers. Instead of getting into one bad relationship after another, I hung out with the sidekick whom I love dearly and we cleaned up all over Craven County together. At night when I got bored, I would text Robert endlessly and go look for live music. This is how two men born on the same day handed me the Keys to the Highway. Jim Kohler and Breeze are the men I thank most for bringing me back to music.

Without Big Jim and his blues and his ultra-supportive wife Kathleen Kohler, I might have stayed locked away from this world and all its people. Instead, they brought me back to thinking about my life and I ran after it without any thought. This couple spent hours upon hours with me in my new life, and they are a part of my foundation! This is why I rally for and champion them in their own time of need. Let’s not forget we nearly lost the big guy!

Meanwhile, days roll by and things progressed and as things took off for the blog, I turned to Robert and asked if he would be my editor. I need eyes to oversee me always! He has been reading every blog before you most weeks for nearly three years. Instead of telling me to stop what I was doing, and pay attention to business, he went and found a job he thought would be a stepping stone to another opportunity. We all know how that can work out sometimes.

Last May, he took another job offer and worked things through with me until the end of June last year. I was told by a friend that she would work with me and buy my business. A week after Robert’s departure my friend told me she would need two weeks a year off to do another job. Three weeks after that I learned she would need six weeks off a year. (Sorry no one can run a business like that.) Instead of being forthright she accepted $15 an hour, doing $8.00 an hour quality work. I  was going broke before the hurricane, take my word on that!

We all learn our lessons with friends, don’t we? That is not what this story is about, nor is she to blame for my desire to follow my dreams. Though that zing still stings to some degree. Nonetheless, after not firing her (my own bad decision)  three weeks in, we made it through the Summer and that is when God hearing my struggles said, “Hey, you, about this idea of selling your business, here let me take care of that for you. I see you need a new plan!” Florence changed lives and plans swiftly with her watery force!

Since then it’s been pretty rough around here! The only thing I want to do is heal people and the best way I heal is with music. So I stopped cleaning and dreamed bigger after getting sick in December. I took a job and gave my cleaning accounts away to a “competitor.” I had hoped that my community would back those dreams and that work. The job that I took is helping Wendy Card and New Bern Now.  I remain committed to all of that work as well as my own product! I still have big dreams and major developments underway and it is well worth the time and effort I put forth.

I might have learned that I have more work to do to prove my worth in that regard. Trust me, I am not giving up on me and our music makers. We have a lot of work to do! After sometime after a while, I decided to return to cleaning and under a new business model. This model has me back to working with my editor and favorite one, three to four days a week doing one time, detailed cleaning jobs. This is our niche. We do good work together! We have rhythm and we can make a house shine with a good day of honest hard work! He is a former Marine who served our country for 8 years.

Robert showed up on my front porch when he was working for another company. I tend to believe that July 11, 2013, was a pivotal day in both of our lives. He was there to clean my house after a fire. He ended up staying and helped me rebuild my life from the ashes. He has been teaching me new ways to clean stuff for six years gone by. He is my best friend and favorite one! It has been a very long year without him and I am glad that, together, we have a plan to get things right in both of our lives again.

Now that we have a plan I am asking for the help I need to get our apple cart upright and rolling again so that we both can get back to getting some rest at night! Thank you!

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And when we get to the part of my truck needing tires, this is what I mean!

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