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Sunday’s Soothing Sounds

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The Dusty Trio came to Fairfield Harbour on Sunday, August 25, 2019, to offer a fun afternoon of music for the community I call home. My friends and neighbors gathered at Red Sail Park to enjoy a performance by this talented trio. Presented by yours truly, Tracey Stones Productions is the sponsor of this concert series which kicked off in May with Big Jim and will continue until we resort to an indoor facility for the winter months. This series was inspired by knowing both Hank Barbee and Big Jim Kohler. 

Watching them in their journey and embracing their sobriety, I wanted to create a more family-friendly scene in parks around towns near and far. Pack a picnic and come out and enjoy music with friends and neighbors. Currently, there is no funding for these events. I m the banner sponsor and sole promoter. I ask concert-goers to tip the bands that play.

Last week was special in that the tips collected were donated to a family in need. Greg Davis is Barbee’s father-in-law and was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and shortly after lost his job. In all, several hundred dollars was collected for the family. The newlyweds’ bride set up a Go Fund Me account for fans and friends who couldn’t make it out to the show, but could help the family in this trying time, please visit Let’s Beat Brain Cancer.




From Surf Sounds to Waves of Jazz  


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It was one special guest after another last Sunday afternoon on the deck. This not surprising, as John Van Dyke seems to bring out the special guests each week, when he shines on the deck at Persimmons. A few weeks ago it was a couple of beauties he shared the mic with and this week it was a mixed bag of wonderful personalities. All faces that I love and admire. All so talented too. Bob Tyson joined the band with his sax. Steve Tyson shared a song with us, Steve Robb did the same and Ann Sorracki offered up her jazzy best! It was a beautiful night of wonderful music.

Below you can hear more about music tonight. But for jazz on the deck tomorrow, join Andrea Owens and her talented quartet, sit under the sails and enjoy the good food and fine music being served. Jazz music is served from 5:30-7:30 each Sunday evening.


Sweet Memories Made Each Monday

It was my thought a few weeks back, that maybe things would slow down for the peak of the Summer season, as that is the norm for our area bars. Generally August offers lower sales, as people get ready for back to school and put a cap on vacations too. With that being said, Monday is the exception to this rule around town. Each Monday at The Brown Pelican, brings more excitement, even seven months later.

Last week we had the stand-in regulars on guitar, Jayke Steel and Jonathon Peck, and joining the fun this week was Landy Spain of Built for Comfort fame. He shared a couple of songs on guitar and closed out the night offering another on vocals. It never gets old watching this night grow and become the sweet treat it has become for our town and it’s music-loving people. 

Hosted by Big Jim and his Chicago Blues Band, this night kicks off with the guys offering several jams in trio formation, before opening the killing floor to talented jammers that join the fun. Music plays from 7 pm -9:30 pm and it has been known to even go later. Be sure show the house band your tips, as this helps to keep them happy. Thank you all that gather and help make our Mondays memorable.


Wednesday Is Not Worse, With More Talent Added to the Mix

Wednesday nights at City Stage seems to offer much the same experience, only different. Taking place at The City Stage, this fun night also kicks off at 7 pm with the band offering a fine set of Chicago laced blues, before opening the stage up to the growing list of jammers that come to join. This week we had two new guitar players Adam Hill, being one of them. There were three bass players that came to call, Phillip Alcock, Chiles Estrada and Billy Mobley, all played the bottom beats for us. We saw David Sawyer on the harmonica and Rich Demetri on drums. That’s a lot of action to cover in the course of two hours. But it is always a fun and fine time. Be sure to catch the band at City Stage this month on Wednesday, September 4, 18 and 25. On Wednesday, September 11, DownEast Folk Art Society will present the music of Sally Barris.


Friday Night Fun Around Town Keeps Me Bopping to the Beats

Core Sounds Creates the Dinner Music on the Deck for Diners



Footloose On The Neuse Presents Adam Pitts

New Bern Parks ad Recreation Department is in the midst of offering the second annual Summer Concert Series deemed Footloose on the Neuse. The shows are sponsored by Trent Cadilac/ Buick/ GMC and Riverside Camping Center. Offering the entertainment for our town last night was the talented one man band, born and raised in Bethlehem, NC and calling Raleigh his home, Adam Pitts. He shared familiar songs with the large crowd that gathered under the star-filled sky along the Neuse River.

For those that might recall, Pitts was the talented player selected to open during the First Annual Town Bear Drop. That was the first time I had the pleasure of hearing him perform. He is a singer-songwriter who would rather be crafting his own works to share, but makes a living sharing familiar songs instead as the story goes. He is a talented stringer and can be found on Facebook here: Adam Pitts Music.

 For those looking to catch the singer live for themselves, his next big show event is in Apex, NC on Saturday, September 14. He will perform at Peak Of The Vine. As for the next Footloose on The Neuse Concert event; they will feature New Bern’s own funky soul band, Joe Brown and the Band. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 13, 2019. Music starts at 6:30 pm and the concert wraps up about 9 PM. Bring the family, including pets on a leash. Leave coolers at home, but come ready to support local food trucks and vendors on hand to serve you.



 On Broad Street We Meet Michael Daughtry at The Brown Pelican

Michael Daughtry is a local singer and stringer from Newton Grove, NC, who was shredding notes and sharing songs last night at the Brown Pelican. He offered a variety of music while entertaining the crowd from 7-10 pm. Michael Daughtry and the Drift is the stringers band project. He has a show tonight in Pittsboro, NC. For more on that follow this link: Come Out and Play Sculpture Show


Machine Gun Brings the Party to Blackbeard’s Triple Play

Machine Gun is a party band from Wilmington NC, that pack up their equipment and good vibes, bringing them to each stage they play. Last night those good times were unwrapped for us in New Bern, on the back deck of Blackbeard’s Triple Play Restaurant. Music that was offered was fun, familiar and mostly rocking. They threw in some pop covers, add a few raps too. For those that hope to catch them near home base, the band will bring the party to Marina Grill – Wilmington, offering the grooves from 6-9 PM.


Don’t Forget To Visit The Music Calendars!


NCMZ.LIVE is happy to announce our new calendar feature. We now offer three calendars for music lovers to check out for live music events. With a growing commitment to building this site to be a daily vehicle for music lovers to check out, I have added the new calendars pages and widgets. These pages and calendar widgets are broken down by area, New Bern, The Crystal Coast and Around the Region.

Live Music Events ~ New Bern

 Live Music Events ~ Along the Coast

Live Music Events Around the Region


~ Live Music Options ~

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Getting Down Around Town in New Bern, NC


Dining and Dancing

Persimmons Restaurant

There will be live music on the deck with Wyldwood, sharing sounds from 6:30-9:30 PM. Call your friends and make a plan for dining on the deck, under the sails, while overlooking the Neuse River. The menu offers some great new treats for your taste-buds to experience.  

Attitudes Pub & Grille

Its the 3rd annual Pig-Pickin Labor Day Luau at Attitudes Pub tonight! Come hear the Bears sing your favorite oldies….break out your Hawaiian attire and enjoy a BBQ buffet.
$15 includes Pig and Bears (Food and Band!)


Our Local Clubs and Pubs

The Brown Pelican


The Brown Pelican hosts an evening of great music featuring local stringers The Neuse River Ramblers ,offering songs from 7:00-10:00 pm. Come enjoy a fun night of familiar songs and wonderful originals by this local and regional player. Free music is never free and neither is the gas to get there, please tip the music makers that you meet.


Blackbeard’s Triple Play


Blackbeard’s Triple Play Restaurant, 415 S Front St. The party comes courtesy of The BiPolar Express, who always bring the party tunes! They will bring the music to life tonight on the deck with all the grooves you will love. Music plays at 7:30 pm- 11 pm. For more info please reach out and call the club at 252-635-0322.


City Stage New Bern


City Stage New Bern will be rocking tonight as well with Bridge to Breakdown offering the live sounds. Music plays from 8 – 11 PM. Comprised of three lifelong friends, Bridge to Breakdown is a very unique act. They play Funk Rock/Alternative Metal music! Admission $5.00.


On the James City Side 


BrÜtopia offers the freshest brewed beer and the good grooves of Sam Lewis & His Salty Trio live. This slinger will be sharing songs tonight and jamming from 7-10 pm. Playing lots of popular hits. Free music for your listening pleasure. Come out and support local music, while you enjoy the freshest new beer on tap!


Open Mic Broad Street Church

Broad Street Christian Church is where the monthly open mic night is hosted. You are encouraged to come early to sign up and please note, all are welcome to participate. Music is shared from 6:30-9 PM 


Cruising the Crystal Coast

Atlantic Beach 2016



Cedar Point, NC

Treehouse Beer Company


Treehouse Beer Company has live music tonight in the garden from 7-10pm, courtesy of local favorite Big & Richard.


Swansboro, NC

The Boro Restaurant & Bar

 The Boro Restaurant & Bar offers live music each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night. You are invited to bring the whole family and enjoy a great night of fine dining with awesome music. Pure T Momicked will be there to entertain. Music plays at 8-11 pm.


Morehead City, NC

Floyds 1921 Restaurant and Catering


Floyds 1921 Restaurant and Catering welcomes music for your dining entertainment this evening. Music plays from 7-10 pm. You are welcome to come early for a delicious dinner and stay late for fun music. Tonight the music comes courtesy of Stephen Poole on the patio.


Off The Hook

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Off The Hook welcomes the fun grooves Night Shift. Music starts at 10 pm and the fun jams last until it’s time to head home. Come out and dance the night away under the stars!


Jack’s Waterfront Bar


There is a good time every time you visit Jack’s Waterfront Bar.

~Saturday August 31st~
Open at 12noon
Live music by 20 Ride starts at 9:30pm

~Sunday September 1st~
Open 12noon
Sunday Funday with DJ Jerm 4pm – 8pm
Continue the holiday weekend fun with live music by Liquid Pleasure starting at 8:30pm

See you at Jack’s!

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

Beaufort, NC

Cru Bar & Wine Store/ The Beaufort Coffee Shop

Cru Bar & Wine Store/ The Beaufort Coffee Shop Presents

Megan Jean and the KFB, Sat Aug 31st, 9pm-1am, $3 cover charge

“In the four years since their last album, Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band have undergone something of an identity crisis. Sure, there are elements that have remained the same: Megan Jean’s hurricane of a voice that can glide from baritone to mezzo soprano without breaking a sweat; the engine-room thrum-and-stomp of her husband Byrne Klay on banjo and bass drum — that’s all intact.

But depending on when you might have seen them on their endless tour around the country, Megan Jean and Byrne Klay might have been a folk-tinged duo with Jean on acoustic guitar, or a washboard-strumming revue heavy on campy 1950s horror movie references and 1920s flapper-jazz style vocals. In their most recent incarnation, they’re a mesh of fiercely rhythmic, percussion-heavy propulsion, with the banjo and Jean’s roof-shaking voice the only melodic elements.

It might seem that there’s some grand evolutionary design in place, but Jean says that necessity, and injury have been the mothers of their invention.

“I started on guitar, and then realized I needed to have drums to get folks dancing,” she says. “And I needed to get ’em dancing if I wanted to play where the people were on Saturday night. I switched to washboard, which hurt my hands and shoulders terribly after a few hundred shows over several years.”

She adds, “These days I’m playing a full kit and singing, and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had onstage.”

Byrne Klay is one of those musical wizards, who can essentially play any instrument he picks up, but even so his style has changed as well. “Last year I started playing an electric banjo,” he says. “It’s a whole new thing for me. It plays and resonates like a banjo but sustains like a guitar. I’ve learned a lot making that thing work beneath Megan’s voice. And Megan’s drumming has really developed; her feel for rhythm is pure heartbeat.”

Klay adds, “A good musician knows that the secret is to tune your instrument to the strongest heartbeat. The rest is just a body in motion.”

The result is that Jean has more space than ever to flex her vocal muscle, which she does with even more skill on the KFB’s new album, “Tarantistas.” The duo recorded the album at The Jam Room in Columbia with engineer Zac Thomas. “We have special chemistry with Zac,” Klay says. “As an engineer, he’s the perfect partner for us. His ears are as good as Megan’s and his skill set covers everything we can’t. He has great taste and really listens to how we play.”

Jean estimates that the band has played 600 shows since their last album, and despite the hardships of being an independent band that literally lives on the road (their home is their touring van much of the time), the experience they’ve accumulated has been invaluable.


Southport, NC

Fishy Fishy Cafe


REV & Ronnie will offer the dinner grooves and will be serving the sounds at Fishy Fishy Cafe tonight. Music starts at 6:30 pm and the food is always delicious.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

Rocking Around the Region


Garner, NC

Locked & Loaded Bar & Grill


Locked & Loaded Bar & Grill opens the stage to Sixteen Penny, will be rocking the fun tunes tonight. They will be offering the fun rock grooves we all know and love. Music is free and kicks off at 10 pm and lasts until 1:30 am.


Durham, NC

The Blue Note Grill

The Blue Note Grill

 The Blue Note Grill is located in Durham and offers good food and great music. Tonight it’s Willie Painter, offering danceable blues with a nod towards swinging jazz and an eclectic selection of rock and pop tunes. Tickets for the show are $8.00 and music starts at 8 PM


Raleigh, NC

The Pour House Music Hall


The Pour House Music Hall welcomes DownTown Abby & The Echoes w/ 49 Winchester
 Doors open at 8 PM. Showtime 9 PM. Advance Tickets are $10, General Admission. Here is more on the acts as per the Facebook Event:

DownTown Abby & The Echoes captures the spirit of old soul while emphasizing its youthful energy and fresh songwriting.

Taking influence from the work of the titans of soul, blues, and southern rock, the North Carolina-based band brings its fresh take on soul to an ever-growing fan base. Recently named the FloydFest 19 On-the-Rise Series winner, DownTown Abby & The Echoes has never been more focused on its mission to bring funky, dance-inducing original tunes to the Southeast’s most popular festivals and music venues.

DownTown Abby & The Echoes’ powerful vocals and groovy rhythm section is a must-see for all ages and musical preferences.

Abby Bryant: Vocals/keys/guitar
Bailey Faulkner: Guitar
Anthony Dorion: Bass/vocals
Matt Guard: Keys/vocals
Joe Gray: Drums

49 Winchester
Hailing from the heart of Appalachia in Russell County VA, 49 Winchester’s sound is drenched with blues, soul, southern rock, and country influences. An eclectic blend of musicians from different backgrounds, they have forged out a genre bending sound that is uniquely their own. Lead singer & guitarist Isaac Gibson’s powerful raspy vocals and honest lyrics, supported by a muscled 3 guitar attack, steel guitar, and a rock solid rhythm section provide a sound and spirit laden with emotion, both high and low.

Making their musical beginnings as childhood friends, Isaac Gibson & Chase Chafin began playing songs together on the banks of the Clinch River & the steps of the abandoned buildings in “Old Castlewood” Virginia. The echos of a once bustling town, empty train station and hotels of Winchester Street provided a perfect backdrop to their country, blues, and ragtime influences. With added guitar work from longtime friend Bus Shelton, the young band began playing shows in 2013 as an acoustic folk-trio in the months after high school and was well received into the region’s strong culture of grassroots music.

Over time, and with the addition of a rhythm section, the bands sound became something with more grit and power. Their childhood influences of rock and roll, blues, and country, molded the music into something that is totally unique and all their own. With a consistently heavy touring schedule, 49 Winchester has since played venues & festivals across the East, delivering the songs of Isaac Gibson in a powerful live show.

Their 2018 sophomore album “The Wind” was self-produced at Bristol VA’s Classic Recording Studio with Mike Stephenson and features driving electric guitars and drums matched with jangling mountain banjo melodies. The 11 poetically straight-forward tracks touch on the topics of despair, love, & self-reflection with emotion & excitement that mirrors the energy of their live performance.


Washington, NC

Backwater Jack’s Tiki Bar & Grill

There are some live music choices up to our North tonight. There is a new room to welcome the bands during the winter months at Backwater Jack’s Tiki Bar & Grill. And that is where music is served from 7-10 pm each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. On Thursdays they welcome all players with a Low Key Open Mic night, hosted by Brian Burke from 6 pm – 9 pm.

On Fridays and Saturdays, it’s the finest local acts on the list to entertain you, while you dine and drink and unwind. Tonight on the Pebble Stage the music plays at 7 and ends at 10 pm. Tonight’s entertainment comes courtesy of Rowlette Green.


Market Street Pub

Friends and fans of StraightWire are invited to come out to Market Street Pub this evening. Come out and enjoy a cold beer and fun tunes. Music starts at 10 pm.


Jacksonville, NC

Nick’s Blacksheep Tavern


If you missed them last time. Not to worry!!!!!

Get your boots on and get ready to kick some dust up cause…

They’re back!!!!!!!!!!

Carolina Sky

One of our very favorites, one of Eastern North Carolinas favorite kick-ass Country party bands returns to Nick’s Blacksheep Tavern.

Joe Alma and the boys always bring the show! See it for yourself tonight at 9 PM.


Answering the Call

Checking things out around the rest of the region, I ask my Facebook followers each week where we can go to hear them play. Follow the link to see what they said this week.


August 26 at 10:23 PM


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